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The Vostochny launch vehicle is ready for launch!

What is the Vostochny Cosmodrome? Facts and Figures

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Special Projects
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Siberian character of the cosmodrome Vostochny

Igor Royne, Project Manager of the Special-Construction Technology Enterprise under the Russian Spetsstroy

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Spaceport Testing

Andrey Semenov, installer of steel and reinforced concrete structures of the Administration of Hydraulic Structures No.432 of the South Headquarters of the Special Construction of Russia

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Vladivostok - Vostochny - Vilyuchinsk

Andrey Lyapunov, Head of Section No.1 of the Department of Hydraulic Structures No.432 of the Southern Command Post of the Spetsstroy of Russia

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"The machine is the continuation of my" I "

Belokrylov Sergey Vladimirovich - driver of the excavator of the branch of Dalspetsstroi "Spetsdorstroy № 731"

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And the installer, and the skyscraper!

Igor Makhin, a specialist in the installation of steel and reinforced concrete structures of the branch "SU № 701" Dalspetsstroy

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128 thousand kilometers around the cosmodrome

Igor Soktin, driver of the 1 class of the branch "Spetsdorstroy № 733" Dalspetsstroi

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Not a command post, but a submarine!

Victor A. Sudakov, Head of the Department of Specialized Equipment and Equipment - Deputy Head of the Division of Category Supplies of the company Spetsstroyservis under Spetsstroy of Russia

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The first start-up I will remember for a lifetime!

Pisareva Anastasia Arkhipovna - Head of the construction and installation site of the branch "Construction Management No. 713" Dalspetsstroy

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Mason's award

Mason Michael Mishin: from the construction of the infrastructure of the Strategic Missile Forces to the spaceport Vostochny

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Veteran of reinforced concrete

Only the branch of "УПП №723" Dalspetsstroy sent monthly to the construction site of the cosmodrome to 10 thousand cubic meters of commercial concrete and 400-500 cubic meters of reinforced concrete structures. Deputy Head of the Production Enterprise Viktor Markovich Chesnokov - in the special project "Heroes of the Cosmodrome Vostochny"

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Uneasy arithmetic

Dalspetsstroi specialist in railway logistics Tatiana Matveeva has a unique experience. The task of an employee of the logistics and equipment department is not only to control the supply and calculate the profitability of the route. As with any good logisticist, Tatyana Alexandrovna always has a reserve option in reserve, so that in case of force majeure, materials and equipment are delivered on time

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The road arteries of the cosmodrome Vostochny

Denis Gori - Acting chief of the branch of Special Road Construction 732 Dalspetsstroi

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We are proud of the results of our work

Alexander Smirnov - Acting Chief of the Construction Department No.713 Dalspetsstroy

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A dream that has become a matter of honor

Ravilya Sirazitdinova - Leading Engineer of the Production Preparation Department of the Main Directorate of the Special Construction of Russia in the Privolzhsky Federal District

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Military hardening

Alexander Nabiev, the head of the construction and installation site of the branch №701 of the enterprise Dalspetsstroy under Spetsstroy of Russia

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From warm Abkhazia to sunny Amur region

Jumber Eshba, Advisor to the Head of the Enterprise of Special Construction Technology under the Special Construction of Russia

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Building is a dynamic life

Ivan Loktev, head of the SMU-2 Amur branch

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Start in the profession

Nadezhda Sheina is an engineer of the 1 category of the Estimated Department of the General Directorate of the Special Construction of Russia in the territory of the North-West Federal District

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Labyrinths of the cosmodrome

Dmitry Mironov, Acting Chief of the Construction Department No. 718, branch of Dalspetsstroi

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For the sake of such moments it is worth living and working

Vasiliy Alisov, representative of the Chief of the Main Directorate No.4 of the Spetsstroy of Russia for the objects of the Eastern Military District

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Reinforced concrete

Vladimir Samchenko, carpenter-concrete 5 level, foreman of the branch Construction Management-713 Dalspetsstroy

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"East": student's landing

Alexander Khramov, Head of the Department for Work with Young Specialists and Students' Streets of the Human Resources Department of Russia's Special Construction

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New city - innovative construction technologies

Valentin Kochetkov, Adviser to the Head of the Enterprise "Spetsstroytehnologii" under the Spetsstroy of Russia ", Honored Builder of the Russian Federation

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Laboratory of Success

Palmyra Mibonia, deputy head of the construction laboratory of the branch "Cosmodrome" Vostochny "Dalspetsstroy

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"The eyes and ears of the cosmodrome" for launching the carrier rocket are ready

Vladimir Zvantsev, acting Deputy head of FSUE "Spetsstroytehnologii" under Spetsstroy of Russia "for the construction of the objects of the cosmodrome" Vostochny ", candidate of economic sciences

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Priority - caring for people

Olga Zaichenko, deputy chief of operation of the branch "Cosmodrome" Vostochny "Dalspetsstroy

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Energy young

Alexander Averyanov, Deputy Head of Construction Department No.701 Dalspetsstroi

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