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Eastrussia - Far East of Russia





Primorsky Krai Walrus replaced the whale prison in Primorye

After the release of killer whales and belugas, several walruses remain in Srednyaya Bay

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Trans-Baikal Territory Reform with many unknowns

Trans-Baikal entrepreneurs and ordinary residents are sounding the alarm about tariffs and the terms of the "junk" reform

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Special Projects
  • Coal of the East of Russia
  • Oil and gas of the East of Russia
  • Ecology of the East of Russia
  • Finance of the East of Russia
  • # Unsuccessful - project about people who stayed
  • Far East hectare: history
  • TORA and Free Port
  • Financial literacy
  • Heroes of the cosmodrome "Vostochny"
  • Demographic development of the Far East
Interview In a state of permanent environmental disaster

Researcher of the Far Eastern Marine Biosphere Reserve Igor Katin on the harm of poachers to the ecosystem of the Sea of ​​Japan

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The Republic of Buryatia Consequences of expansion: Buryatia as part of the Far Eastern Federal District

What has changed in the republic after a year of life as part of the Far East

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The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) The peak of the Yakut "Sterkh"

Loss of license of the largest insurance company in the Far East led OSAGO and expansion in the regions

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Interview “The state should be the main investor in the Far East”

State Duma Committee Chairman Nikolai Kharitonov - on the effectiveness of support measures for the Far Eastern Federal District

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Opinions Sales?

EastRussia expert on the results of crab auctions

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The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Save Northern Odds

Yakutia is afraid to leave residents without support because of the “regulatory guillotine”

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Sakhalin Region Road to Devil's Bridge

In Sakhalin for the transport of tourists they want to revive an abandoned narrow gauge railway

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  • Silver smelt
  • Spaceport to launch is ready!
  • We are very few
  • TOSER Khabarovsk Territory
  • Sea Inside
  • Khabarovsk
  • Kamchatka is unique
  • Russian America
  • 10 Wonders of the Far East
  • Culture and Traditions
Success story More attention - small and medium

The Chukotka Development Fund summed up the results of five years of its work and shared plans for the future

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Analytics Health for export

In the Far East, intend to engage in the development of medical tourism

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Trans-Baikal Territory Residential Queue

In Transbaikalia do not have time to provide housing for orphans

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Khabarovsk Krai Stay afloat

How hard will shipbuilders of the Khabarovsk Territory have without state support?

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Chukotka Wrangel: The Last Before the Pole

Stories of people for whom the distant Arctic island became home, at least for a while

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Opinions Why did we put up with Korean poachers

What is hidden behind the armed conflict of North Korean fishermen and our border guards?

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Interview From resources to value added

And about. Deputy Chairman of the Government - Minister of Economic Development of Transbaikalia Andrey Kefer - on the support and development of small and medium-sized businesses in the region

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Chukotka Blog on the edge of the world

The author of the Telegram channel from Bilibino tells the country about real life in the North

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Analytics Disservice

Inhabitants of the Far East provoke mass exits of wild animals to people

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Trans-Baikal Territory In the fight for air

Transbaikalia is looking for ways to reduce air pollution

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Kamchatka Blood, perfume and deer

Unusual and sometimes terrible rites of the indigenous peoples of the Far East

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