General information

EastRussia (“East of Russia”) is a new information and analytical Internet resource. The purpose of its creation is the promotion of the complex image of the Russian Far East, with all its inherent achievements, problems, regional specifics.

EastRussia - a single discussion platform for experts who study the problems of the development of the Russian Far East, journalists, top managers, top managers, representatives of the business elite and economically active population.

EastRussia registered in Roskomnadzor as a network publication, Media Registration Certificate No. FS77-65750. The founder is Vostok LLC.

The mission is

Today, for Russia, the Far East is one of the most promising and at the same time least developed "points of growth". That is why in recent years, the country's leadership has singled out in its strategy a clearly marked "eastern vector". The mission of the expert, managerial and business community is to achieve the implementation of development and modernization programs aimed at the development of this region.

The Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Amur Region, the comprehensive development project for the South of Yakutia, large-scale investment projects in the Magadan Region, Sakhalin, Primorye and the Khabarovsk Territory, the EAO and the Chukotka Autonomous District are the most important elements of the state strategy for decades to come.

Their successful implementation directly affects the welfare of Russia and the role that it can play in the Asia-Pacific region and the planet as a whole.

Mission EastRussia - through information and analytical activities and interaction with target audiences to maximize the speedy development of the subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District and the Far East of Russia as a whole.


And about. editor-in-chief: Ksenia Murzina.


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