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The seventh in Russia "boiling point" was opened in Khabarovsk - EastRussia |






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The Far East has something to boil over

In Khabarovsk, the agenda was set for an open discussion platform

At the end of last week, the seventh co-working center in the country opened in Khabarovsk in the format "Boiling points" - the project "Agency for Strategic Initiatives" (ASI) was implemented at the site of the Far Eastern Institute of Management RANEPA. On two floors of the "Boiling Point" you can now drink coffee and chat on any topic. EastRussia tried to figure out what will be discussed at the new site in the near future.

The Far East has something to boil over
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At the opening of the Boiling Point in Khabarovsk, Deputy Plenipotentiary of the President in the Far Eastern Federal District Vladimir Solodov proposed to discuss in this format the prospects for the development of preferential regimes for investors in the Far East. "Now we are at the point where these regimes (the free port of Vladivostok and the territories of advanced development - EastRussia) have already begun to operate, there are residents enjoying preferential terms, it is very important to understand: what should I do next? I would like to address this issue as a whole to work out in the "Boiling Point" - along with those who are already residents, with those who are still stopping, and with those who think how to further develop the regimes, "- explained the deputy plenipotentiary.

"The first thing that needs to be done is the real involvement of the business community, leaders, young people including in the pre-design of these regimes and the launch of what was described at the Eastern Economic Forum as" entrepreneurial drive. "" Moving "is just beginning to emerge. to understand how to make it so that on the basis of preferences this "dvizhna" was launched, "said Vladimir Solodov. The second phenomenon that should be stimulated is, in his opinion, "the revival of exports: the Far East should begin to take advantage of its location in the center of the Asia-Pacific region." "While we are not using these opportunities sufficiently, especially in terms of using the opportunities for export of small and medium-sized businesses," said the deputy plenipotentiary.

"And the third: these are people. The purpose of the development of the Far East is to improve the quality of life of people through the economy. This was a leitmotif and the WEF: how to improve the quality of human capital at the points of economic growth. On the one hand, the bridge to this is now being built through the adoption of comprehensive plans development of territories. On the other hand, this is training, "said Mr. Solodov. He also promised to regularly discuss these and other issues at the Boiling Point site, adding that the authorities now "have a framework, but it needs to be filled with movement."


The big Far Eastern business on the "Boiling Point" was given the floor in the face of Yuri Yegorov, the owner of the Nevada group of companies. Mr. Yegorov complained that "the most painful is the retention of people." "Middle management, just above, we will only raise it, begin to benefit from it, and profit from it - they are enticed to the central part of Russia." Of course, it seriously complicates our life. "The state also wants the cadres to remain here, but it can be done only through the normal quality of life - to make life here no less comfortable than in the west of the country, "said the businessman.

The second major problem for the Far East, in his estimation, is the weak development of private entrepreneurship. "Today, there is a serious shortage of products called fresh. These are products whose availability does not exceed 24-72 hours: greens, dairy products, and so on. Such products can be taken only from small local producers, farms, and it is impossible to bring them. There is enough available on our shelves, according to our estimates, to satisfy 30-40% of the needs of customers, "said Yuri Egorov. Hypermarkets and supermarkets owned by the Nevada Group of Companies are "ready to buy on a prepaid basis, to make orders in advance, to pay in advance - only produce," he added.

Entrepreneur immediately involved in the discussion. Moderating the "Boiling Point" director DVIU RANHiGS Vyacheslav Kushnarev asked Yuri Yegorov, "what is the input (to the network" Nevada "- EastRussia) for small businesses - in rubles." "Yes, you know, there is no" input. "If you produce something special, you have good products, a good price is the main thing," the Nevada owner assured. "But I know the situation from representatives of business - they can not go online, to large stores, and when they ask why the products are not on the shelves, they answer: you know, just do not go to supermarkets. ? " - the head of the representative office of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in the Far Eastern Federal District Olga Kurilova joined in the discussion.

“In general terms, our policy is as follows: it is enough for an entrepreneur to produce a high-quality product demanded by the population, we will do everything so that it is presented on the shelf,” Yury Egorov assured. "This is a very good reason for communications. Maybe, we need to build a small business right here, and Yuri will invite his colleagues who are responsible for entering stores?" - suggested deputy envoy Vladimir Solodov. "Good offer," agreed Vyacheslav Kushnarev.


"I would like to continue the discussion: there are a lot of vacancies, there are a lot of specialists, and there are not fresh dairy products and greens on the shelves. In fact, there is such a system failure: we do not know how to talk, we can not hear each other. strategic documents, for the first time we managed to convince everyone that the personnel component was included in all sections of the strategy of Russia's social and economic development, "said Dmitri Butashin, the pro-rector of the Russian Academy of Science and Technology. "Detailed analysis" of staffing needs in the drafting of strategic documents is almost never done, dialogue with business - "not being conducted," he said. "Hence the problem when there is an" unexpected "rapid development of this or that branch, there is a serious shortage of personnel," the pro-rector of the Russian Academy of Science and Technology noted.

However, it is the "Boiling points" across the country that will help to establish a dialogue within and between regions, the ASI and the Russian Academy of Science believe. Deputy Director of the "Young Professionals" ASI Andrei Siling explained that such a site in the future should form a network, the elements of which regularly communicate with each other. 7 November representatives of all seven sites will gather in order to discuss what issues they can broadcast to other regions. Now in St. Petersburg, for example, on the "Boiling Point" discuss STI markets and technological entrepreneurship, in Ivanovo - technology of industrial design and fashion. "Obviously, the Khabarovsk Boiling Point will be strong in the areas of governance, diplomacy, trade, the transformation of social capital into a quality of life in a rather difficult natural environment, something that the territory has always been strong," Andrei Siling said.

"This is an opportunity for open communication of people in a slightly different format. This is something that our management landscape lacks. Each platform is biased by someone, and you cannot simply come to it without agreement with the conditional owner. Boil Point Format - This is the maximum openness and accessibility, and the opportunity to come and work for free. I think for ASI the main result should be to build communities of caring people who are already implementing projects. This is a platform for those who want to find like-minded people, colleagues and partners, "- said Mr. Seeling, calling the" boiling point "" intellectual pressure cooker. "

Khabarovsk Governor Vyacheslav Shport said that the "Boiling Point" "will be considered projects that already exist, but they have nowhere to discuss." "The government will take part in this, and the likelihood of the projects being implemented is thereby increased by several degrees, which will enable us to develop more dynamically - using the ideas of young people, ideas aimed at the future," said Vyacheslav Shport.