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EGAIS as an indicator of misunderstanding of local business realities

The head of the Primorsky branch of OPORA RUSSIA called for the involvement of the Ministry for the Development of the Far East in solving the problems of regional small business

Head of the Department of OPORA RUSSIA in the Primorsky Territory, known Far Eastern businessman (one of the founders of the All-Russian trade network DNS computer stores) Konstantin Bogdanenko urged the Ministry of Development of the Far East to take over the functions of the interaction between the regional small business and federal agencies such as Rosalkogolregulirovaniya, Rosselhoza, Rostpotrebnadzora etc. .P.

EGAIS as an indicator of misunderstanding of local business realities

Konstantin Bogdanenko

Head of the Primorsky branch of the "Support of Russia"
The proposal was made by 19 February at a meeting of representatives of the trading business with the authorized representative for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs in the Primorsky Territory - Marina Shemilina. It was mainly about the difficult situation in remote areas of Primorye due to the need to introduce the EGAIS system from the federal top this year (a unified automated information system based on the Internet to control the production and sale of alcohol in the field) . Many areas in the outback of the region are simply not adapted for this (there is no Internet and technological equipment for connecting to the Unified State Automated Information System).

"EGAIS is a good thing, but in principle it will not be able to earn money all over the country right away because of the fact that it is automated. And businessmen will have to pay huge fines tomorrow. Appeals to businessmen to apply to the government with requests to postpone or make changes to the rules of the EGAIS are untenable. People engaged in business can not waste time on useless writing.

At the same time, we have a whole Ministry - Minvostokrazvitiya, which should develop the development of the Far East. It seems to me that we should have talked with his leadership so that they could bring to the federal services and agencies like Rosalkogolregulirovaniya information about the realities that are on the ground. After all, officials from Moscow often see everything quite differently than they really are ... ", - stated his and not only the position of Konstantin Bogdanenko. Marina Shemilina, a seaside business ombudsman, treated her with understanding.

Recall that today, according to government-imposed industry rules, the EGAIS system may not be implemented at trade enterprises located in settlements with a population less than 3000 people and without access to the Internet. But in Primorye mass settlements, which are home to a little more than 3000 people and communities within these settlements are scattered among themselves on the Ussuri taiga, and some of these items have a connection to the Internet, while others do not. Formally, retail outlets in such settlements fall under the requirements to connect to the EGAIS, but in fact they can not do it.

At the same time, penalties for not joining the Unified State Automated Information System constitute 150 - 200 thousand rubles. This puts legal dealers in the outback in a deliberately disadvantageous position compared to illegal immigrants who, without registration of IP and LLC, sell alcohol, which is called, from under the floor (often counterfeit). Illegals, under the existing Russian legislation, risk (in case of capture and execution of a protocol with the participation of the police) only by paying a one-time fine in the amount of 500-2000 rubles.

Thus, created out of good intentions, but oriented only to bona fide entrepreneurs
EGAIS system in its current form can further stimulate the flourishing of underground trade
Uncertified alcohol in the rural areas of the province, destroying the health of the inhabitants and the income of honest
entrepreneurs - worried representatives of the seaside business.

ER Help:

According to Federal Law No.
182-FZ "On state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol ..." from January 1 2016, the retail shops in Russia must pass in EGAIS information on purchasing any alcohol (including beer). And in July, the demand for a report through the EGAIS on retail sales of alcoholic beverages comes into force. Through the system, each unit of the product will have to pass.