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Georgy Soldatov on the specifics of deliveries of high-tech products to China - EastRussia |






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Georgy Soldatov on the peculiarities of supply of high-tech products to China

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George Soldatov

General Director of LLC "Aditim"
Georgiy Soldatov, general director of OOO Aditim, a Russian producer of auxiliary parts and engineering products, shares with the assessment of the specifics of the supply of non-primary products to the PRC.

- The main thing on the part of Russia, what prevents it today from supplying China with processing products, and even more so any intellectual or high-tech - the lack of necessary investment. Needed, for example, for the construction of production facilities. The possibilities of financing from the side of banks are also absent, because this is what the prohibitively high interest rates mean - the same 10-12%. Subsidizing rates that make them feasible, reducing to 2-3%, is not provided. Such subsidization would be only beneficial for the state - launching the production of processed products, intellectual property or high technology that would be in demand in China, will earn many times more. This is beyond doubt: there will be an additional tax base.

At the same time, the delivery of products of medium and high added value is not only associated with difficulties, but also with a certain danger. Even if the product has patents, there is a high probability that in China it will simply be repeated - they will make a copy of it on their own. The well-known, but underestimated fact makes it possible for such a perspective to exist: in China its own, somewhat specific relation to copyright, and this country is more than capable of very well repeating and revealing other people's secrets without revealing their own. At the same time, it is quite difficult to supply to China because its own products in general are of sufficient high quality, and as for intellectual products and hi-tech, it is absolutely very high.

It is noteworthy that China today is perfectly calm about its future in this area. Assessing the prospects for the development of Russia's industrial complex, the PRC is confident that they will continue to stay ahead. And in the case of creating somewhere in Russia, advanced production will create its own, but higher level. Such a phenomenon - a constant increase in the level of its own production along with an increase in its scale - is really present in China. It is almost unique: in the same Europe, for example, it does not exist.

However, along with various obstacles on the way of non-primary supplies from Russia to China, there are prerequisites for them. In particular, the lack of stereotypes in China regarding the quality of Russian products and the presence of a pronounced demand for a number of Russian goods with added value - for example, ice cream. On the Russian side, the prerequisites for non-primary deliveries to China are also strong - the availability of products at a price that significantly benefits the Chinese. Focusing on the last factor, intending to take the price, we plan to go out with our products to China.