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JGC Evergreen: The Power of Vegetables

Success story of a Japanese investor in the Khabarovsk Territory

JGC Evergreen: The Power of Vegetables
Photo: Photo provided by JSC "KRDV"
The project of Japanese greenhouses in Khabarovsk was the first production launched by a foreign resident in the territory of advanced development. The combination of strong support from regional authorities, the presence of a key Russian partner in the face of an industrial park and modern technologies implicated in Japanese diligence and capital, created a unique in strength and exponential story. It would seem that these are just cucumbers and tomatoes. But the project, and this is the main thing, is not only the present in the form of beautiful and environmentally friendly products on the Khabarovsk shelves. He has a future: after passing the first object to the Khabarovsk TOR, the resident will be ready to turn in the second stage of the greenhouse complex by the autumn, doubling the volume of production, and calculating the prospects of the third one.

To provide residents of the Far East with products of the highest quality, produced with the use of advanced technologies with the participation of foreign investments - it seems that this is the ideal formula for any project within any territory of advanced development. The first one was realized in Khabarovsk, in the eponymous TOR, and this is the merit of so many people.

In February 2015 year in Russia, LLC "JCG Evergreen" was registered. The company's capital consisted of three sources. The Russian partner of the project was the company Energoimpulse +, founded in 1995, known for the supply of electrical equipment for the Khabarovsk's iconic projects: the Platinum Arena sports complex, the bridge over the Amur River, the cardiovascular surgery center. The Japanese partners are JGC Corporation, the first engineering contractor in Japan, and the investment partnership with limited liability "Dogin Dosanko №3", supporting high-tech projects of small and medium-sized businesses. Each of the three partners has invested in the project what is strong.

"Energoimpulse +" is one of the co-owners of the first in Avangard industrial park in Khabarovsk, therefore the company was able to offer a convenient site for the project, to which the infrastructure was already being supplied, and its services for the installation of electrical equipment. JGC Corporation has already built several Greenhouse greenhouses in Japan, so it had experience in the use of information and communication technologies, robotics and other latest developments in the greenhouse industry. Finally, "Догин Досанко №3" provided the project with financing, which required a lot: first of all, a greenhouse complex that occupied 2,5 ha of land, as a result, 556 million rubles were invested.

"The presence of such an investor, of course, is the hallmark of our industrial park, creates a favorable image of the company when negotiating with new residents.On the other hand, the developer of the industrial park provided the site with all necessary engineering infrastructure: a gas pipeline with the length of 11 kilometers was built, Water supply and sewerage systems, as well as internal roads, have been built, in a word, everything that is necessary for conducting production activity. the fact that JGC realizes its project on the territory of an industrial park proves the ability of our site to create a favorable environment for the placement of foreign investments, "says the executive director of the industrial park Denis Groš.

"At the first stage, our company was provided with significant support in the implementation of the project by the Khabarovsk Krai Investment and Development Agency." We began to cooperate with the agency in 2014 and throughout the preparatory work period it provided comprehensive information, consulting and organizational support in market research , legal consultations, as well as organization of meetings with representatives of the business community. All of this undoubtedly served as one of the reasons for making a positive decision on the implementation and of the investment project in the Khabarovsk Territory, "said Deputy Director General of the resident company Vladimir Albrant." I would like to express my special gratitude to the Ministry of Investment and Land and Property Policy of the Khabarovsk Territory, which continues to provide assistance in resolving complex issues. "

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of all partners and the support of the authorities, the greenhouse complex Evergreen was built in just six months: the work on the construction site began 1 July 2015, and already on 29 December the first plants were planted in the greenhouses. Several contractors, both Russian and foreign, participated in the construction. The main contract was signed with the company "Greenhouse Technologies", which was engaged in the direct erection of structures. Tuning and installation of automation were done by Dutch specialists.

"We chose Dutch technology because Holland showed itself to be the most experienced manufacturer of high-quality greenhouses, all equipment in our Dutch-made greenhouse, except for the seedling chamber we brought from Japan." We say in Japan: "Good sprouts bring a good harvest, "explains Igarashi Tomoyuki, CEO of JG SE Evergreen. In greenhouses is constantly maintained comfortable for plant growth microclimate. Such processes as top dressing and watering of plants, maintenance of necessary temperature, humidity and illumination are completely automated. At the same time, operators monitor all indicators 24 hours a day. To control automation, the Dutch Priva system is used. The system is programmed individually for each greenhouse, in accordance with its features.

Now greenhouses "Evergreen" produce two varieties of cucumbers, "Meva" and "Kibriya", and four varieties of tomatoes, including the finest cherry tomatoes. Products are packaged in original branded bags. On the Khabarovsk shelves - this is a very popular and always scarce products. Vegetables of the first harvest went to the markets and stores like hot cakes. And the resident company does not intend to stop at what has been accomplished: the construction of the second phase of the complex, which has already begun, will make it possible to double production.

"It can be considered a great victory that the company JGC Evergreen started construction of the second stage of greenhouses with an area of ​​25 thousand sq.m in June," says Denis Groš. "Although the project is being implemented by the same company, the decision to start the construction of the second stage was taken solely based on the experience of the last two years, which means that this experience is positive. " "Construction is planned to be completed in October this year, and the first crop in new greenhouses of the second stage should be completed by the new year," he continues.- The project for the development of the greenhouse complex of JGC Evergreen also includes the construction of the third and final stage with an area of ​​50 thousand square meters. , in which the Japanese strawberry will be grown.We very much hope that nothing will prevent the company from realizing its plan to the end. "