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"Space" - gave?

"We must set an example of how to organize business"

"Space" - gave?

The general course of work at the Vostochny space center "leaves much to be desired, even despite the changes seen in recent months," Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said during a recent visit to the country's main construction site. "Spetsstroy Rossii" and "Roskosmos" promise: there will be no more problems - they managed to enter into a "constructive dialogue".

Less than a year is left before the main event in the space life of Russia - the launch of the Soyuz-2 carrier rocket from the Vostochny cosmodrome, which is already being built in the Amur region for the 4 year. The starting table is almost ready, its most complex element has been created - the fire ring, the hulls of huge MICs (the assembly and test bodies of the spacecraft and the launch vehicle) have been built.

The other day at the cosmodrome, the inspectorate was visited by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who personally supervises the construction process, and this time even brought with him a special presidential commission.

It seems that everything is very clear. But ... On the clock closer to noon, to the technical corps of the "Eastern" with a little delay, fly, as it was stated in the program, 2 helicopter.

"See Twitter Rogozin through 3-2-1 ...", joke waiting for vip-journalists.

Departing from the sides, the impressive delegation immediately moves to the "technician", where soon they must collect the rocket and space vehicle, and also move them between the buildings along the giant trans-board gallery on a special platform on the rails.

“The assembly and test part of the spacecraft is being laid down, it is forced - there is movement here. But my criticism concerns the sexes. Neither there nor there is no sex, reports Andrei Okhlopkov, deputy head of TsENKI, to Rogozin. - We should begin installation of equipment in the MIC in March. If Spetsstroy can offer something, we are ready to listen. ”

“We can,” explains Alexander Mordovets, deputy director of Spetsstroy of Russia, “the ground froze through more than 1,5 meters. There is a way to heat the soil with electrolyte. It will cost two megawatts of energy for 60-70 days for the entire area of ​​the assembly and test room. We have already examined and found out that the soil will hardly change the soil during defrost. They are even ready to attract a special laboratory so that the whole process takes place under their control. ”

It would seem that the builders did not know before that the soil will freeze and pour in the winter, what is required is unlikely to work out? It turned out that they did not know. Later, already at the meeting, Dmitry Rogozin once again acknowledged that even before the construction, the designers of the cosmodrome had made serious mistakes in the design documentation, which had to be eliminated along the way. Until recently, the main problem in the construction of Vostochnoye was the disagreement between Roskosmos and Spetsstroi about the absence or inadequacy of design estimates for a number of important projects: some could not build it without it, but they had to do it , Others, on the contrary, insisted on the speedy execution of work. Now, it seems that problems can be solved.

"In part, personnel changes in the structure of Roskosmos are connected with the lack of understanding between customers and contractors," the vice-premier said at a closed meeting in Uglegorsk. - This is unacceptable when there are mutual accusations instead of taking and doing what is needed. I want to say that yes, of course, there is dynamics. But in conditions of sanctions, under conditions of external pressure that is taking place around our country, in conditions when we have all understandable and perceived problems in the economy, here, at the site of the cosmodrome, we must show an example of how to organize affairs. "

After the meeting, both sides finally began a constructive dialogue.

"I think that there are no obstacles to catching up the schedule on the part of the working documentation for key facilities," Igor Komarov, head of the Federal Space Agency, appointed in January, said. "At the moment, there are still a few documents that we plan to issue to the contractors based on the results 1-th quarter. "

"We need documentation both for the execution of works and for aligning our mutual settlements with works that have already been completed," said Alexander Mordovets, Deputy Director of Spetsstroy of Russia. "I can assure you: we now have full understanding with Roskosmos, and we have finally entered into a constructive dialogue."

Let's go back to the detour. For half a year the key moment for the builders is the preparation of premises for the installation of technological equipment - various engineering devices and systems. If on the "technical" at the inspectors for this very preparation still have questions, then at the launch site at the time of inspection, almost everything was in the schedule. And according to the results of the inspection, the commission recommended: to do quickly, cleanly, reliably and without unnecessary expenditure.

Rogozin: "Are all the equipment here?"

Okhlopkov: "Everything is here!"

Rogozin: "And what is mounted from it?"

Okhlopkov: "On the" five "? There everything is already mounted, and we give the premises to the builders back for further filling. ”

Another point of the survey concerned the energy supply of the territory - during a detour Dmitry Rogozin instructed the participants of a large-scale project to work out a scheme for gasification from the future gas pipeline "Forces of Siberia" not only the cosmodrome, but also the city of Tsiolkovsky.

"Just in the next month or two, we will sign an agreement with the leadership of Gazprom, where we will include this design scheme," said Oleg Kozhemyako, governor of the Amur Region, commenting on the assignment of the vice-premier. "By 2018, Uglegorsk, Tsiolkovsky and all ground infrastructure will be provided with gas."

In addition, at the meeting, Dmitry Rogozin said that in the near future the video from the objects of the cosmodrome will be published in general access on the websites of Roskosmos and the board of the military-industrial complex. "Control over the expenditure of budgetary bills," the deputy prime minister stressed, "must be popular."

It should be noted that it is planned to allocate more than 2015 billion rubles from the federal budget by the end of 139 for the construction of Vostochny. On the eve (at the end of 2014), the construction site was checked by the defense committee from the Federation Council.

"With financing and allocation of funds there is full order. Moreover, at the end of last year there were even unspent money - about 22 billion rubles, "commented a member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation from the Amur Region, as well as a member of the Defense Committee of the Council of Federation Nikolai Saveliev. - Financing for this year is approved in full - there is no shortage of funds ".

At the same time a day later on the air of the TV channel "Russia" (the program "To conduct on Saturday with Sergei Brilev") some clarifications came out.

"Overruns in the construction of the ground infrastructure of the Vostochny cosmodrome amounted to 13 billion rubles," said the head of the Russian Accounting Chamber Tatyana Golikova. "These are our assessments, and they have to be confirmed by law enforcement agencies, because we sent all the documents to the Investigation Committee."

In "Spetsstroy" commented the statement of the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. "Enterprises of the Spetsstroy of Russia": they started construction of the spaceport "Vostochny" in October 2011. In the 2012 year, the supply of design estimates was only 20 percent. And the documentation that was received did not fully take into account the specifics of the construction of such a complex facility. Today, when we received from the customer about 93 percent of design estimates, we can estimate the amount of work performed and their cost. Director of "Spetsstroy of Russia" Alexander Volosov put this task quite rigidly. The central office of the Federal Agency for Special Construction established an analytical group that works directly at the construction sites of the cosmodrome. Its task is to help the subordinate enterprise "Dalspetsstroy" to reconcile mutual settlements. This work is carried out in close cooperation with the customer - Roskosmos. When it is completed, it will be possible to talk about the results, "the press service of Spetsstroy of Russia reported.

The press service also stressed that “today, the regulatory authorities are conducting appropriate checks. And “Spetsstroy of Russia” provides them with all-round assistance. ” “Our common task is to do everything necessary so that the Vostochny cosmodrome is built and put into operation on time,” the statement said.

Recall that the installation of the leadership of the country "Vostochny" should be ready by the summer of this year, and the first flight is scheduled for December 2015 of the year. In the 2018 year, the first launches of the manned program are planned.

Next time the vice-premier will visit space building in the end of February.