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Catching new skills and skills

EastRussia figured out what Sakhalin would remain, and what - to participants from the WorldSkills Russia finals

The finals of the Russian WorldSkills Championship came to the Far East for the first time. Honor to host 3,5 thousand guests from all over Russia and several other countries, including 700 contestants, this time fell to Sakhalin. The region managed to prepare, as the organizers repeatedly mentioned with gratitude, in just seven months - built a special platform for the finals, purchased equipment, and led the hospitality industry to full combat readiness. EastRussia tried to find out that all interested parties will have a useful experience after the competition, both in the Sakhalin region and among the young professionals who visited the only island region of Russia.

Catching new skills and skills
Photo: Sergey Krasnouhov / WorldSkills Russia
In summer, the capital of Sakhalin in one day can melt under the sun, and rain - the climate in the maritime region: on the one hand a couple of tens of kilometers Mordvinova Bay, on the other, closer to Japan - the Gulf of Aniva. So, the participants of the Russian WorldSkills Championship finals, which started arriving in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in early August, and officials, whose flow began to grow from 8, managed to evaluate the entire palette of the Sakhalin summer. And still all noted that the center of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is amazingly clean and buried in greenery and flowers. The head of the government of the Sakhalin region, Vera Shcherbina, was even asked: "Have you not visited the city so much for the arrival of the guests?". "Well, certainly, flowers would not have time to land - they are always with us," she answered.

The fact that both the city and the region were preparing for the WorldSkills Championship can not be doubted. Near the airport, on the site near the Prospect Mira, specially for the final, pavilions were built in the trade and exhibition center "Alley". We repaired the access roads, bought equipment for the competitions. Finally, they decorated the city: the outdoor advertising of the event could be seen not only at the airport and at the building of the regional government, but also in the square of the museum of Chekhov's book "Sakhalin Island" opposite, and in many central streets. Under the business and entertainment part of the business center "Stolitsa" and the sports complex "Crystal".

"It is a great honor for us to hold such a large-scale event on Sakhalin," Vera Shcherbina said, opening the business program of the final, "The regional government pays great attention to the development of vocational education, we purchase equipment and equip classes, but we need better practices, in new approaches to vocational training, and therefore we believe that this event will enrich each of us. "


According to the chairman of the Sakhalin government, the share of non-oil and gas projects is growing in the regional economy for the last three years, the main part of which is formed by offshore projects. And everywhere - you need footage.

"We made a bet on tourism, you know, we have a resort" Mountain Air ", and we are striving to make it a world-class one." "We need a few more years to develop it." Investors came, but for this all we need highly qualified specialists, we have already encountered the problem of their deficit, and we ask ourselves: how quickly to prepare them, "the head of the Sakhalin government said." The next direction we are actively developing is agriculture, which is not accidental, since the region produces only 10% of food, all ost and here we are also faced with a very serious personnel problem.The third direction is fish processing, all available capacities are highly productive, and high-skill workers are needed there. "

The governor of the Sakhalin region Oleg Kozhemyako, who was in Kamchatka at the start of the WorldSkills final, attended a meeting of the government commission for the development of the Far East, arrived at the Mall "Alley" on the last day of the competition. He was greeted by WorldSkills Russia CEO Robert Urazov and his deputy on the introduction of the regional standard of staffing for industrial growth, Dmitry Glushko. Oleg Kozhemyako and his deputies were held in all the areas where the competitions of the championship participants were held.

Starting from the hangar, where the brickwork is laid, the delegation went first through the pavilions with "noisy jobs": she examined the workers over the final task of the mechanics, builders-tilers, welders, masters for the construction of plasterboard structures. The governor on the run explained that the contestants are currently doing the same work as included in the WorldSkills standards test - this is, we recall, the only form of independent knowledge assessment in Russia, introduced for the second year already. "I was at the exam in Kazan.There was a director of the enterprise there who had the task of laying out 30 thousand square meters of tile in some shop.He took pictures of the tilers directly from the exam and contracted them - these are very revealing assignments if you see them , to assess the degree of skill, nothing more is needed, "- said Dmitry Glushko.

On the section with the machines, which are turning the metal blanks, Oleg Kozhemyako took the part in hands to assess the quality of the products. "With such approvals, the oil and gas industry will in any case handle orders, for details that are out of order," he estimated the operation of the equipment. "You know, we are always for new equipment, we'll give you money-we'll buy it," his subordinates answered. "Let's take," the governor confirmed.

On the site where there were contests for interior works, the visitors were surprised by the decor of the outer corner of the wall, designed as if it were an internal corner, and painting the doors. "In Russia, no one is painting the doors, whereas in Europe this is widespread," the experts explained. And at the booth with the industrial automation Oleg Kozhemyako was greeted by electric drives with controlled rotation and the newest controllers, which are used "in ventilation, heating and power, control of doors, electrolysis, packaging - Coca-Cola works only on these controllers, and a specialist who has learned this system, can work in any industry, "the governor explained. "The elements of automation are exactly what the next step, the digitalization of production, is not possible without," said Robert Urazov.


Bypassing the site, Oleg Kozhemyako paid special attention to the Sakhalin participants. "Our should be the best, here is Japan next door, the school of ikebana," he said at the floristic stand. "There are a lot of schools, the Japanese are one of the leaders, but this alone is not enough," objected Robert Urazov. "Butkov is here? He also has his own flower shops? I must say that he took someone," Oleg Kozhemyako recalled about the general director of the Sovkhoz Teplichnyi JSC Viktor Butkov. "We need to evaluate who they will invite to themselves," the governor told the subordinates, passing the platforms where the participants of the finals were watched by employers.

Oleg Kozhemyako was detained at the sites for the training of teachers, cooks and restaurant service specialists. "If you want to stay with us in the region," the governor asked the experts at the first site, "we have serious lifting, housing, we will add salaries." "How many?" he asked his subordinates. "Up to 75 thousand," - quickly answered him.

On the site of the chefs' competition, Oleg Kozhemyako for a long time asked the expert and the chairman of the council for professional qualifications in the hospitality industry, Yuri Ushanov, who came to the chairmanship of the president of the Russian Federation, how to relax regulation by the Rospotrebnadzor for small catering points, for example, family restaurants or food court points. Participants of the finale at this time demonstrated the skills of a universal cook-pastry cooker - they cooked a hot appetizer of seafood, a lamb rack and an eclair for dessert. The entire set of tasks was given 4 hours. After talking with experts on the restaurant service site on the need to have categories-discharges from the waiters, as in the Soviet times, the governor with the accompanying people left to drink tea.


"We have seen employers here for almost all competencies, it is very important for them to get young highly qualified students who have been selected: fresh ideas, new technologies, young people energizing their peers, so employers certainly look at their skills and offer to stay here on Sakhalin, "Oleg Kozhemyako said, after inspecting all the sites." We have specifically introduced a system of co-payment for young specialists who remain in the region-we will provide housing and provide elevators. tory also achieves a very interesting size. " In the region, conditions have been created that "young people want to stay in it: live in this city, work, maybe teach", he added.

Part of the equipment sites, which hosted the final of the WorldSkills Championship, will also remain in the region, he adds. Do not remain without work and infrastructure - trade and exhibition center "Alley" area of ​​more than 20 thousand square meters. m, lined up specifically for the championship, will take the event further. "The hangars will be used for universal sports grounds - a skating rink, tennis courts and other forms," ​​the governor said. The exhibition space outside the exhibition center will be used for fairs and exhibitions, in particular, for agricultural producers - "such areas were not enough for the region before", Oleg Kozhemyako specified.

Of the training infrastructure on Sakhalin from the WorldSkills Championship will also remain Center for Advanced Vocational Training (CEP) - a platform for vocational guidance, accelerated training, training and retraining of the staff in the most demanded and promising professions. Oleg Kozhemyako at the signing of the agreement on the establishment of the CCP said that "it is very important for construction projects, for employers - that during accelerated time, half a year, up to a year, we receive workers meeting all modern requirements."


Anastasia Zavarkina, participant of the competitions in the field of "Landscape Design" competency, lists the tasks-modules that should be performed at the final: retaining walls, pond, wooden structures, paving and green plantations. "A master plan is posted on the official WorldSkills website for a month, but without dimensions, we were training on these data." At the finals, everything had to be done in three days, five hours a day, "she says. Assessments of all participants, who were eight from all over the country, will be recognized only when they are introduced into the system - only winners are announced at the closing ceremony. Anastasia says that she will work by profession in the All-Russian Children's Center "Ocean" in Primorye. "Perhaps in the future I will leave the Far East someday, but this is not a fact," she admits.

"We saw a lot of new simulators and equipment, it was interesting to see how the participants behave, and we have not worked with such before." In general, there were a lot of elements unfamiliar to the guys: on the obstacle course, in the labyrinth. "- says expert competence" Rescue work "Ruben Kushanbayev, a master of industrial training technical college of technospheric security and industrial technology. According to him, the participants of the finals should demonstrate not only quickness in the non-standard situation (the previously announced tasks on the day before the start change by 30% towards complication), but also the physical qualities - the rescue equipment itself weighs a lot, and all the tasks are performed on time. "I also saw the highest level of judging, I realized how many flaws I had, I know I will add to the training process, than I will motivate students," the expert says.

Daniil Dorokhov, who competed in the "Rescue Work", confirms: participation in the finals "greatly broadens the horizon." "It's a huge experience." In WorldSkills competitions, I got in by accident - a friend wrote in a team, and then I went-I now understand that I can provide emergency medical care or save a person, these are valuable skills.I do not know yet whether I will be a rescuer , but with WorldSkills I will continue to be friends, "he says. To get to the final, the participants won the regional stage of the championship and passed an additional selection in Moscow - by the competence of the rescuers, for example, they selected 8 teams from 16. For each team of five rescue participants in the final, the competition was watched by 8-10 experts.

The finalist in the "Medical and social care" competence Diana Ischuk agrees that young professionals are generally put in a situation they do not expect, although they have already mastered all the actions individually, both in theory and in practice, during the training. "We had to help with bronchial asthma, teach the patient to walk on the" walker ", make a bandage, warm the compress, assess the functional state - pressure, pulse, temperature," she lists.

To get agitated, she said, was because of what: "all the rivals are strong, and at the regional championship it was much easier - less workload, tasks easier." The orders on the site were strict - 10 participants in the finals took away their mobile phones, released parts of the program for execution of the modules, they could not go out freely and could not look at other sites. But the participant believes that she has received useful skills that will be used in the future: "I now know how to use modern rehabilitation equipment, which is mainly used for rehabilitation of stroke survivors: devices for putting on socks, buttoning up buttons. chambers, where we practice. "All the equipment was according to European standards."