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“Prada Industrial Filter” is preparing to start the second phase of the investment project in the ABM - EastRussia | Success stories






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Oil filter - made in Khabarovsk

"Prada promfilter" is preparing to begin the second stage of the investment project in the TOP

Oil filter - made in Khabarovsk
The Prada Promfilter company was already a hero of the news last year, one of the first to launch production in the territories of the advanced development of the Far East. Today, the management of the enterprise, which has set up production of automobile air and cabin filters in Khabarovsk, plans further development. The resident company is already crowded in the existing workshops, so new lines will be deployed on the adjacent site. What exactly is produced on them, oil filters or other products, the company is still determined, but already understands: preferential mode of the territory of advanced development allows to significantly reduce the payback period of any project.

Last year, 56 million rubles were invested in high-tech production, said Artem Lisichenok, general director of the company. In the shops of the enterprise, a line of Korean-made equipment was installed. Korean specialists also conducted personnel training.

“In essence, our project is import substitution,” says the head of the company. - Until now, we have supplied imported products to the Russian market. But the economic situation is such that it is more expedient to produce filters in Russia. ”

The project for the manufacture of air and salon filters in Prada Promfilter is considered already implemented: the shop is working, sales turnover is estimated at millions of rubles. The company is expanding the line and looking for new sales markets, the plant is working, but the prospects - it sees in another. Prada Promfilter has already concluded an agreement with the management company, JSC Development Corporation of the Far East, on the implementation of a new investment project worth 100 million rubles to the year of 2022, but wants to implement it more quickly - to begin construction next year and complete in a year and a half.

In the new workshop it is planned to arrange the production of oil filters. The air filter is three components: plastic, non-woven filter material and sealing rubber. And the oil filter is at least 27 of components and "more responsible products: the fate of the engine is on the line," argues Artem Lisichonok.

Therefore, the second part of the investment project is "much more difficult", he admits. "And there is no building as such, and we'll have to go into a clean field: we took an adjacent plot. Now we are at the stage of final calculation of production capacity. We are trying to understand whether we can place such quantity of goods in the cells where we carry out the implementation. On the part of the authorities and the management company, all obligations are fulfilled. Now, for example, there is a repair of Suvorov Street, leading to the southern industrial zone. A separate entrance to our future site is envisaged, "says the representative of the investor company.

The advantages of the status of a resident of the priority development area in Prada Industrial Filter have already been evaluated. According to the head of the company-investor, the preferential rate of renting a new piece of land "significantly reduces costs." “The plot is big. In the long term - to put there industrial buildings, where you can do the washing fluid, antifreeze, antifreeze. This is not part of the agreement, but there are prospects for development in this regard, ”he clarifies. Prada Industrial Filter also imported equipment for the first phase of the project without a fee and enjoys all the tax benefits for residents, says Artyom Lisichenok.

Published in the bulletin "The Economy of the Far East"