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Khabarovsk Governor Vyacheslav Shport on roads, sports and personnel for the Khabarovsk Territory - EastRussia |






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"We are moving towards changing the opinion of Khabarovsk citizens:" we must leave ""

Governor Vyacheslav Shport about roads, sports and personnel for the Khabarovsk Territory

"We are moving towards changing the opinion of Khabarovsk citizens:
Photo: Valery Spillen / Press service of the Governor of Khabarovsk Territory
- Remained in the history of 2017 year. At the end of the year, all regions of the Far East presented all their achievements and competitive advantages at the event "Days of the Far East in Moscow". The Khabarovsk Territory had one of the most extensive and interesting stands. What region presented to the court of the capital's public?

- Almost everything that is produced or is being prepared for implementation on the territory of the Khabarovsk Territory, but with one nuance: these are projects aimed at social development. Showed, for example, a large breadboard model of the road. This road is bypassing around Khabarovsk - the largest project of the century, the first in the Far East. And this is not just an opportunity to tour Khabarovsk, moving along the road from Chita to Vladivostok. The road will enable transport the shortest way to approach the Territories of advanced development created in the Khabarovsk Territory. The project provides five interchanges, which it will provide. Such transport accessibility will make possible good logistics, and therefore, a good implementation of the products produced in the province.

The second object is the Drama Theater in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, commissioned as part of the implementation of the city's long-term development plan, adopted at the initiative of President Vladimir Putin. In the theater sold-out every day - impossible to get. Obviously, how much it was needed. The next object is the third stage of the perinatal center under construction, which will allow to perform obstetrical care in all cases, with various severe pathologies. We will have the most comprehensive perinatal center with the best set of competences in the east of the country, and we are already helping neighboring regions - saving lives for children.

- In the field of sports, can the region be proud of something?

- At the end of January, we are starting the third world championship in bandy - hockey with the ball. The first championship is notable for the fact that the Russian team became the world champion. We are now preparing and, already having experience, using traditions, we will make the third championship beautiful and sign. This is a great confidence, and a great responsibility of the region before the sports world community. But the region has already confirmed its status as a sports capital: we hold national championships in sambo, judo, boxing. The World Karate Championship was held, and even our Japanese friends, all five schools of karate, said that it was not just a championship, it was a whole Olympics. For sports events in the region there are two powerful arenas - "Erofei" and "Platinum Arena", sports palaces. We laid the Sambo Palace in Khabarovsk. This is our contribution to the development of the Russian struggle, and we are not just building a palace-we are introducing Sambo lessons in schools so that our children can develop from childhood and develop a sporting spirit and sporting will.

- Are there any big and interesting schools, like in other regions of the country, too?

- Of course. We put into operation the school in the neighborhood "Orekhovaya Sopka" - modern, large. It will allow eliminating the "second shift" and building the entire process on a modern training base. We are building an engineering school in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, the first in the country to train engineers from the school's bench. In Komsomolsk-on-Amur, we opened a children's technopark "Quantorium", joining a network created throughout the country. Thus, today we are actively working on a program that is of great social importance.

- Are these all just major projects?

- Not at all. There is a program for improving the urban environment: courtyards, roads ... The largest project is the "Safe roads", which we realized in the city of Khabarovsk, 57 kilometers of roads this year passed, and it is clear that the city is changing. Next year, we plan to double the number of kilometers of construction and repair of roads in the city of Khabarovsk, invest about 1,8 billion rubles in it. So in the capital of the Khabarovsk Territory there will be not only modern houses, but also new and renovated yards.

- What effect does this have?

- The development of social trends helps not just to improve the urban environment. Improves the quality of life, and thus the mood of our citizens. Thus, we are moving towards destroying this idea: "We must leave the Far East," "We must change our place of residence." We are doing everything today so that people from the center of Russia come to us, take free "Far Eastern hectares," business came to work in the territory of advanced development, creating new production. The social facilities that I mentioned will create comfortable living conditions for people in the Khabarovsk Territory.

- With the execution of the "May decrees" of the President on the average level of salaries of state employees, how are things in your region?

- As for school education, we even go a little ahead of today on wages: it slightly exceeds the average industry in the province. Teachers have an average salary of 42 thousand rubles. On the industry - 41 thousand rubles. It is clear that somewhere someone is unhappy, it is clear that there are misalignments somewhere in schools, I personally deal with these issues because, firstly, we must comply with Presidential Decrees. Secondly, we see that today teachers are our foothold in the education of our children. The teacher is the person who not only lays the knowledge of the first child, but also the outlook, and this gives the young citizens of our country an understanding for the future: to love the country - or not to love, to leave the region - or not to leave. Therefore, we consider the work of the teacher to be extremely important and should be adequately paid for.

- And if you come to the Khabarovsk Territory? For example, from Ukraine come Russian-speaking citizens - will you help, will you take it?

"They come to us." When people came, who suffered from military operations in the Donbass, we provided a place for temporary residence, because people came without documents at all, for obvious reasons. Then they helped and explained the possibilities of obtaining Russian citizenship, those who wanted it. They provided an opportunity to work. Employed everyone who wanted. Then we began to build profitable houses - with cheap rent. The bulk of people, having come from Donbass, having the opportunity to work in the coal industry, are employed in the province in a coal mining monocity - Chegdomyn, where SUEK operates. The enterprise, taking a person to work, gives him a service house.

- In general, in the economy of the region, people are needed from the outside?

- We are building new enterprises within the Territories of Advanced Development Territories, Vladivostok Free Port. A few thousand new jobs are expected. And there are not enough qualified specialists. Of course, we are interested in them.

- TOP, free port - this is understandable. But, in general, the possibility comfortable conditions for business development, and hence the region’s economy today is usually measured by rating of the ASI's investment climate. Khabarovsk Territory in the past year had a very good dynamics - rose in the ASI rating on the 33 point. Then there is the opportunity for growth, is it possible to enter the top 30 in the country?

- This is a difficult task - to get to the top 30, which the country's leadership sets before us, the Far East. In the first "thirty" of vacant seats, we understand, no. And all who are already there, too, strive for higher. This is a lot of hard work, but I think the task is achievable: we know what we need to do for this. Today we have already built in the system of assessments created by the ASI. As it seems to us, the business understands us, we also understand it, created a special project office, which I head, we sort out all the issues that arise promptly. The road will be mastered by the going.