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We are interested in modernizing the BAM

We are interested in modernizing the BAM

Alexey Lebedev, General Director of Mechel-Trans Management Company:

- From the strategic point of view of BAM for us - a transport artery that provides the delivery of export cargoes to the Far Eastern ports for dispatch to consumers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Last year, we transported about 9 million tons of cargo along the Baikal-Amur Mainline. This is 20% of the total turnover of Mechel. For comparison: in 2011 year with comparable volumes was 13%. The dynamics of growth is evident.

Our biggest cargo in the BAM zone is coal mined from the Neryungri mine in South Yakutia. We also carry coal from the fields of Southern Kuzbass. In the 2013 year, it was transported around BAM about 7,5 million tons. Our other mass cargo is iron ore coming from the Korshunovsky GOK in the Irkutsk Region. Last year, the volume reached 1,2 million tons.

In addition, the rails were laid to one of the richest coal deposits, Elginsky. This is a unique situation for Russian business, when a transport project of this magnitude is executed by a private company. Over five years, Mechel’s own investments in the development of the Elga deposit in South Yakutia amounted to about $ 2,4 billion, with the lion’s share of these funds spent on the construction of the access railway line. Its length - 321 kilometer, by the way, is slightly less than the entire Moscow metro. Today, the Ulak-Elga line is integrated into the BAM structure. In fact, a new section of the highway, ready for year-round operation, has been built. It is pleasant that Russian Railways highly appreciates the contribution of Mechel to the development of transport infrastructure at the Eastern Polygon. At present, the railway workers are reconstructing the Ulak station, expanding its possibilities for receiving and servicing freight trains.

The territory adjacent to BAM harbors dozens of mineral deposits. Their overall industrial potential is colossal. But infrastructure constraints do not allow large companies to seriously increase export sales. Therefore, increasing the capacity of BAM, the elimination of the so-called "barrier sites" - the requirement of time. This will give additional impetus to the Russian economy.