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In Kamchatka, there are 800 thousands of tourists a year

The head of the region is confident that with the development of infrastructure the region will enter a new stage of development. Vladimir Ilyukhin, governor of the Kamchatka Territory, told how to get over to the accelerated pace of development of the IA "ER" from crisis management measures.

Kamchatka strengthened its positions in several sectors of the economy in the outgoing year. In many respects this was facilitated by obtaining the status of the territory of advanced development and creating special conditions for business in the Far East.

In Kamchatka, there are 800 thousands of tourists a year
- What events of the past year could you name the main ones that can influence the further development of the economy and social sphere of the peninsula?

- Of course, this is a whole complex of key decisions on the Far East. I mean the creation of a territory for outrunning socio-economic development, the decision to expand the regime of the Free Port to the territory of Kamchatka.

- What is the uniqueness of these projects?

- TOR "Kamchatka" is really a breakthrough project for the region, which is fundamentally different from other Far Eastern projects. Within its framework, it is planned to develop the port-industrial zone, the tourist-recreational and agro-industrial complex. The number of anchor residents increased from 13 to 18, 34 attracted billion rubles of private investment. Next year we will start building infrastructure. I also consider the Freeport regime to be an effective mechanism for regional development. It will allow us to provide simplified fleet entry, including fishing and fast cargo handling, simplified visa entry, create a free customs zone, introduce additional tax breaks, and finally create competitive conditions compared to other Far Eastern ports.

- The policy of import substitution helped the development of the fish processing industry?

- Our fishermen have extracted about 950 thousand tons of aquatic biological resources. At the same time, in the conditions of sanctions, most of the production was directed to the domestic market. We remain the leader in terms of investment in fish processing. In Kamchatka, a modern fish canning shop of Ozernovsky RKZ No. 55 and a high-tech processing complex Koryakremoproduct have been put into operation. The volume of investments in the economy for these projects exceeded 2 billion rubles. In general, the policy of import substitution in the country made it possible to strengthen the positions of several sectors of the economy. We managed to maintain high growth rates of agriculture. At the end of the year, it was about 10%. Funds for the development of the industry are actively invested in business.

- Are there any fears that the difficult economic conditions in the country will affect the implementation of large investment projects?

- I should note that today the position of the president, the efforts of the plenipotentiary representative, the Ministry of Regional Development and the regional authorities in relation to the Far East, have allowed to form effective instruments for supporting large investment projects in the country. For example, Kamchatka has become one of the first entities that will receive funds for the creation of transport and engineering infrastructure in the form of direct subsidies to investors. This year a subsidy from the federal budget for the construction of a highway to the deposit in the amount of 1,2 billion rubles was approved for the Sigma project for the extraction and processing of Ozernovskoye gold ore deposits. The next stage will be a subsidy for the construction of energy infrastructure facilities with a financing volume of 1,9 billion rubles. The Development Fund of the Far East plans to allocate 2 billion rubles for the construction of roads to the Ametistovoye ore mining and processing enterprise and to the mining enterprise at the Baranievskoye field.

- What are the prospects of the mining industry in Kamchatka as a whole?

- Mining in the region has now entered a new stage of development. Only by the end of 2014, the production of precious metals in the region increased by a quarter. We extracted almost 3,5 tons of gold, 2,5 tons of silver and half a ton of platinum. The volume of investments in the industry at the same time exceeded 4 billion rubles. It is already clear that in 2015, the increase will be even more significant. In September, we launched the largest mining and processing plant at the Ametistovoe gold deposit. Its capacity is 4 tons of gold per year. The launch of the plant will double the volume of gold production in the region. The total amount of private investment in this project amounted to more than 16 billion rubles. Every year, the enterprise will pay more than 700 million rubles in taxes and fees to the budget system of the country.

- What other major projects that can affect the socio-economic situation are now being implemented in the region?

- First of all, I would call infrastructure. Many of them are declared within the territory of the advanced development "Kamchatka". Now on one of the sites of the TOP the construction of a modern building of the sea terminal is being completed. It is designed for simultaneous maintenance of 200 people. A passenger terminal will be located in one of the railway station blocks. In the second one there will be a checkpoint across the state border of the Russian Federation. We implement this project within the framework of the Federal Program "Economic and Social Development of the Far East and the Baikal Region for the period up to 2018", the total cost of construction works is more than 530 million rubles.

The seaport where the modern building of the maritime station is being built is one of the major sites of the Tor KORchatka. It is also planned to reconstruct the mooring walls, create a modern transport and logistics base, and organize additional storage facilities. A number of major tourist sites will appear on this site, including a modern yacht port. If we talk about the possibilities of the cargo terminal of the port, then we will be able to increase the cargo turnover from 1 to 8 million tons per year.

Now the reconstruction of the airfield at the main airport of Kamchatka is being completed in the region. On the instructions of the president, about 13 billion rubles were directed to this. More than a year ago, all the work had to be completed, but the general contractor, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Main Directorate for the Construction of Roads and Aerodromes at Spetsstroy Russia", still cannot commission a number of complex facilities. Despite the difficulties in commissioning the complex next year, we intend to begin construction of a new modern terminal building. The project of the new terminal building has already been prepared, its implementation is designed for three years.

- Do you expect these new properties to attract tourists?

- Now we are actively increasing the tourist infrastructure. In the first half of 2015 alone, the number of tourists to Kamchatka grew by 30%. If earlier the main number of guests arrived on the peninsula from mid-July to mid-September, now it is from June to November. According to our estimates, thanks to the integrated development of the territory, the number of tourists in the coming 10 years will increase to 800 thousand per year.