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On the hook of large investments

Records of fishing in Kamchatka are supported by investments in processing and fleet

For the tenth consecutive year, the Kamchatka Krai is among the leaders in terms of catch of aquatic bioresources in Russia: 25% of the country's total production and almost 40% of the Far East's production falls on the peninsula. In 2017 the record is again shown - more than 1,2 million tons of catch, which is 13% more than in 2016 year, 240 thousand tons of salmon, 535 thousand tons of pollock - the first place in the country. And the secret of achievements is not just in favor of the generous Far Eastern nature. The whole point is that in the fishing industry of Kamchatka for a number of years there have been great investments.

On the hook of large investments
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In the Kamchatka Territory there are more than 500 enterprises operating fisheries activities with a year-round or seasonal production cycle. More than 200 of them carry out catch of aquatic biological resources. The basis of the industry is the production fleet: it is more than 650 large, medium and small tonnage fishing vessels. More than 190 fish processing plants with a year-round or seasonal production cycle are built and operate.

The huge resources that the Far Eastern seas contain, it is important not only to extract - the question is what degree of processing of products is available for enterprises in Russia. Last summer, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Alexander Tkachev estimated: only on the fact that the Russian fish is milled in China, the Russian Federation loses $ 1 thousand per ton. In a year, Russia exports to Asia-Pacific countries up to 2 million tons of fish. Hence, it is a question of billions of dollars of additional value, which potentially can remain in our country.

In Kamchatka, a course on the development of fish processing has been taken a long time. Now, say in the Kamchatka government, according to 10 investment projects of six regional enterprises included in the regional program for the development of the fisheries complex, the volume of investments has tripled - to 4,6 billion rubles. In the region, the enterprises of the industry support in different directions. Subsidies are provided for the construction, acquisition and modernization of the fishing fleet, construction and modernization of the plants. Since 2016, there has been an additional incentive: subsidies to recover part of the cost of paying the first installment or advance on leasing contracts, and the share of reimbursement for leasing payments under leasing contracts and interest on investment loans - from one third to two thirds.

With the support of the state, the implementation of projects of significance for the industry continues. It is a project for the construction of a fish processing plant in the village of Krasnoe (2,2 billion rubles is invested by Tymlat RKZ), a project of the complex in the village of Ustevoye (200 million rubles of Vityaz-Avto investments), a project of the plant in Olyutorsky district (500 million rubles, KZB-Donka ").

The Rybolovets collective farm named after Lenin, within the framework of the largest investment project, is building several new fishing trawlers. In November 2017, the main ship of the trawler-seiner series "Leninets" was launched, almost two more vessels left at the exit from the slipways. The launch of the second trawler-seiner of SK-3101R project, which is being built at the request of the enterprise in the Baltic shipyard Yantar, is expected to be held on 30 March.

The vessels of the project, recalls the chairman of the collective farm, Sergei Tarusov, are able to take up to 700 tons of fresh raw materials in tanks, keeping the quality of products up to seven days, which expands the area from which it is possible to transport raw materials for coastal processing. "This is exactly the problem faced by fishermen who supplied the raw material to the shore processing, directly handed over the raw material in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.The vessels are capable of fishing with various fishing gears.This is a purse seine, they will be ready to learn new resources suitable for our areas: herring, mackerel, and mackerel, and they will also fish with trawls, and for one trawling the ship is able to catch up to 300 tons at a time, in spite of its small size, "says Sergei Tarusov.

In addition, courts of this type need a crew of only 12 people instead of 25, and this will allow "to increase salaries to employees," said Sergei Tarusov. "We will take Leninets at the plant in September, the transition to Kamchatka - 45 days, I think in December the ship will begin fishing in the Far East," the head of the enterprise said. "The third vessel will come in April 2019, that is, in fact we are the program we will implement and close for a year. " The order cost the collective farm at 4,5 billion rubles.

As part of the program to modernize the industry on the coasts of Kamchatka, 18 modern plants have been built, noted in the Minsk region. The status of residents of the Kamchatka advanced development territory with the right to receive tax and other preferences, except for the Lenin collective farm and the company 415, also received Kamchatralflot and Fish Valley. The Lenin collective farm, for example, is implementing two processing projects: the construction of a coastal processing complex in Seroglazka Bay, costing 3,2 billion rubles, which will produce up to 600 tons of frozen produce and more than 150 ready-made and coastal factory in Oktyabrsky village.

Tymlatsky fish processing plant was selected for inclusion in the state program "Social and economic development of the Far East and the Baikal region" - in July 2018 the enterprise plans to put into operation a new fish processing plant. "The plant is being built on the river Kichiga, a large fish processing complex will be created for 400 tons of finished products.We have already formed the infrastructure necessary for this plant to work.We decided to transfer the processing of fish to the shore, to organize new jobs here. about 400-450 new jobs, "- said the representative of the investor Alexander Litvinenko.

"An important indicator: since 2008, our companies have invested in the development and modernization of more than 25 billion rubles." The conditions created for fish producers in the region continue to attract large market players to Kamchatka - in 2017, one of the largest Far Eastern organizations with the volume of production quotas about 73 thousand tons.As a result, the volume of tax revenues in 2017 amounted to 6,5 billion rubles, "- says Kamchatka Governor Vladimir Ilyukhin. The volume of tax revenues from the industry, we note, grows annually: in 2017, the gain was 10%, in 2016-m - 30%.