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Vladimir Vasiliev: “We do not need competition, but a profitable partnership” - EastRussia |






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"We do not need competition, but profitable partnership"

The main indicators of the development of the economy of Yakutia give a good chance for investors to look positively towards the region

"We do not need competition, but profitable partnership"

In an interview with, the Minister for Federal Relations and External Relations of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Vladimir Vasilyev, told how the region attracted Asian investors, why take out reindeer herders abroad and whether Yakut builders should be afraid of competition.

- Vladimir Nikolaevich, in one of the interviews you said that Yakutia plans to become one of the leaders of cooperation with Asian countries in the coming years. How?

- The turn towards Asia, we just started. We are going and are already cooperating with China, Korea, JapanHer, India. We establish relations with Singaporerum and vietnam. Spring waitingThe visit of the Consul General of Mongolia. We also plan withgovernment visits.

In the middle of March we will visit the Republic of Korea. Their delegation will come to our conference on renewable energyke in june. Korea hosts investment fair in October, And we will also be there. Koreans are interested to cooperate with Yakutia in the field of biotechnologyTh, health, tourism development. Us Of course, they are primarily interested in investments. Here we work as a team with the Investment Promotion Agency.. They are engaged in "upakoOf projects, and we establish partnerships, coordinate the activities of the parties.

This year the presentation of the investment potential of Yakutia in Japan, Visit to the Russian-Asian Energy Summit in Singapore, participation in a large event of Russian financial institutions And China in Beijing, well, the traditional Russian-Chinese EXPO in Harbin. That is, we are oldWe are trying to find different ways of establishing partnerships. In this list we now include Turkey.

- Turkey has recently identified itself in the construction market of YakutiaAnd, saying that he is going to invest in long-term projects. What objects are we talking about?

- Alpha Engineering and Construction executives first arrived in Yakutia in FebruaryYu to study the market and in the long run to receive orders for a builderA number of objects of any size - from kindergartens to high power hydroelectric power plants. They were not afraid of Moroz, although they don’t have practical experience of building on permafrost as such.

- It turns out, if the Yakut builders do not stand the competition, they will remain without work?

- All the managerIsit on how we put ourselves. If a We declare a tender and it wins not a local, but a roundThis is not good for us, because the money will go away Outside the region. Turkish businessmen confessed that they participate in tenders - they win, they build an object, after which they do not want to let go. But we will support our companies better for tenders. Therefore, we proposed to the Turks such an option: to allocate land and bring engineering communications to build an object on itsAnd money, and then - part of the object would be transferred to the republic, part - taken into the property. Or if they still win some kind of tender, let them build an additional one and two objects on their own. That is, we do not need competition, but, first of all, an advantageous partnership.

- Vladimir Nikolayevich, among the main events of last year would beLo many different of events: the delegation of Yakutia participated in the forums and in Sochi, and in Moscow, and in Dubai, and in Tokiabout. Please highlight a number of landmark events last year.

- First of all, it is worth highlighting the Olympic Games, where our Republic is responsibleLa for Exposition of the Far Eastern Federal District. The presentation was held at a very high level.

This, of course, Crimea, with which we signed an agreement on cooperation, where the main direction is the mutual exchange of goods and services.

Next, I would note participation in a large investment forum in Dubai, On the basis of which a long-term agreement was reachedti. ALROSA opened its representative office there. Negotiations are now underway with the basalt factory. This year, we were again invited to Dubai for another forum.

The International Conference on Renewable Energy, held in Yakutsk, received xGood estimates from different companies. Its scale is somewhat increased, and it was decided to make it annual. And the conference Begins to bear fruit. The maintenance of the energy system of housing and communal services is very expensive republic. Only for the subsidy is spent about 16 billion rubles from the budget. This load It is necessary to somehow reduce. Today solar stations of different power begin to appear in manygyx areas of Yakutia, other alternative energy options are being explored..

At the first Russian-Chinese Expo, a protocol was signed with the company "Zhuda", which intends to build three residential quarters in Yakutsk. Now it all depends on how the projectkt will pass all the stages of pre-training and expertise of construction. If everything is favorable, then, according to the optimistic forecasts of the Chinese side, the construction will take six years.

Of course, Trip of our delegation to Iceland to the "Arctic Circle" and presentation Investment potential of the republic in the embassy of the People's Republic of China, where five agreements of various levels were signed. These were basically framework agreements, which require further developmente.

- In late January, you met with the director of a Japanese company. Komatsu, which is going to open in Yakutia, the fifth warehouse in Russia for spare parts for its equipment. Is this necessary?

- Of course. "Komatsu" has long established itself as a reliable technique, suitable for extreme conditions in Yakutia. Even gold miners in Oymyakon work on it. At the same time, the main problem in the operation of the equipment is the lack of consumables, spare parts and components. If something is broken, then the goods have to wait several weeks, and the equipment is idle. Of course, a full warehouse of spare parts in Yakutia can not be built - this is 75 thousand items. Now the representative of the company works with all enterprises,What parts are required first of all, and already after, approximately by the autumn, a warehouse will be built. In addition, the company invited the case(Operators, mechanics, total 10 people) at their expense to receive training on the basis of the Training Center at the plant in Yaroslavl for an even more efficient operation of the Komatsu equipment in Yakutia.

- So, in Yakutia Many plans that she plans to implement jointly with the APR countries. What do you think, the crisisIsn't it going to scare away foreign investors?

- Such large investors as "Zhod", of course, will not run away. The general director of Komatsu, Mr. Takatsuki Hideyuki We asked whether sanctions affect them and whether we can count on a long-term business. He replied. "We do not look atwe are capitalists and we count only money. Is eatingl profitability means working". The ban applies primarily to companies with state participation. And private companies will still enter our market.

- When you look at Yakutia, Then you understand that the republic is not only diamonds and oil, but something more. What is the secret of its attractiveness for investors?

- I asked the same question to the representatives of the Turkish company. They say why you chose Yakutia from all the Far Eastern regions - you decided to go so far. According to them, the whole thing is in the conducted marketing, which revealed that the region has a fairly stable economic situation in all respects. This general assessment, the main indicators of the development of the republic’s economy give a fairly good chance for investors to look positively in our direction.

- I can't help asking a question about TASED Zarechye in 20 km from the village of Nizhny Bestyakh, where Global Steel Holdings, Ltd. (India) is planning to build a plant for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG), methanol and urea. The project has been criticized by experts who believe that construction will harm the environment and public health. How do you feel about the situation?

- As Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev, who visited Yakutia, recently said, the TOSER project "Zarechie" needs further development. So it's too early to talk about construction. I take the project absolutely normal. Recently I was in Khangalassky ulus with a report and drew attention to the fact that "Zarechye" arouses a keen interest among the population, but especially people are frightened by the words "gas chemistry", "chemistry", "carbamide". Citizens remember a very big accident at a chemical plant in India, which happened in 1980-ies, where several thousand people were killed. The Indian plant produced not carbamides, but pesticides, very poisonous substances. And carbamide is a nitrogen fertilizer for agriculture, it is absolutely harmless from the point of view of danger. But any such production is a regime object. Such plants are subject to increased requirements for environmental safety always, regardless of the country, and in our cold climate conditions especially. This is a major Russian-Indian project, more precisely, it is a project of Rostek, which attracted the Indian company as the most literate, which could work out such a large and rather complex technological facility.

We understand the concerns of the population about the possible damage to the environment and public health. But the production cycle will be absolutely closed and there will be practically no emissions. However, it is necessary to go through all the expertise - both ecological and ethnological (we are the only subject of the Russian Federation that, from the point of view of indigenous peoples, also looks at this or that construction), and public hearings.

- Year of the Arctic in Yakutia is over, but the Arctic Five-Year Plan will continue until 2020 year. What significant events are you planning, for example, on this year?

- From this year in Yakutia, 19 March will celebrate Day ARktiki. So-called Arctic business meetings will be held. This year the Republic of Korea will take part in them.

We will continue to carry out the activities prescribed by the comprehensive program of socio-economic development arNorthern and northern territories. So, recently I returned from Zhigansk region, where We agreed that we would take the reindeer herders to Lapland to exchange experiences. The initiative is carried out within the framework of the Finnish program for the support of the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the north "Snowchange", headed by Dr. Tero Mustonen. Reindeer herders were exported to different countries - Australia, New ZealandI, Finland, USA (Alaska) - for large international callsRooms where they were not just sitting, but speaking at round tables, participated through translators in the brainstorming, and already later themselves offered projects.

In Zhigansky district we are directly told thatLodges do not want to go into reindeer breeding. In 2013 year in the area was 5 thousand 700 deer, by the end of last year there were 4 youSachi. In Norway, another problem: young people want to work inLakes, but there are no places - pastures and not deer are not enough. We have the Union of Reindeer Herders of Russia, the association "Reindeer Herders of the World", the International Institute of Reindeer Herding and the Nizhnekolymskiy College of the Peoples of the North is its member, therefore such international cooperation will help restore the prestige of the profession.

- How do you think, is it logical to announce the Year of Entrepreneurship in Yakutia in times of crisis?

- We are not afraid of the word "crisis". We all know that there are coming downs, that people should be employed, so that they do not have a panic, they need to help them to adapt in new conditions. That's why we announced the Year of Entrepreneurship. We want to tell citizens that we should not be afraid to start our own business. And we try to provide support in various ways to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as to individual entrepreneurs.