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Regions lack the authority to regulate the fishing industry

Rosrybolovstvo is considering the possibility of expanding the powers of the Commissions for regulating the production of anadromous fish species

The commission for the regulation of the production of anadromous fish species in the Sakhalin Oblast lacks the authority to fully regulate both fishing and the filling of spawners by producers in the region. This conclusion was reached in the commission and the Government of the region, having analyzed the situation that has developed over the past 2:3 Year in the local fishing situation.

Regions lack the authority to regulate the fishing industry
This vividly illustrates the example of last year. The course of salmon in the south of Sakhalin was extremely weak. The scientific community of the region was in some confusion due to the fact that the real course of Putin did not completely coincide with their predictions. Therefore, he has not developed any recommendations for stopping fishing in problem areas. At that time, exactly how the situation demanded them, because without receiving such recommendations from scientists, the commission for regulating the production of anadromous fish species has no right to stop fishing in the region. As a result, many spawning grounds in the south of Sakhalin turned out to be either empty or only partially filled. There was a real threat to the existence of the salmon population itself in the region, ”said Igor Bystrov, Deputy Chairman of the Sakhalin Oblast Government.

He also explained what problems exist today in the area of ​​ensuring the rights of the local population and representatives of the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North to catch salmon. According to him, historically, there are no water areas for amateur and sport fishing in the Sakhalin region, despite the fact that their mandatory presence in the region is prescribed in Russian legislation. The entire shoreline of Sakhalin is distributed between fishing companies for commercial fishing. At the same time, local residents are still engaged in fishing and, thus, formally become poachers. They are sometimes detained by fish protection officers, fining for the extraction of one or two tailings of pink salmon. At the same time, real poachers, operating with tons of red fish and caviar, are often outside the scope of law enforcement. As a result - a confrontation between the population and the fishermen is formed, social tension is growing.

At the same time, according to Igor Bystrov, it is impossible to stay on the development of the tourism cluster taken in the Sakhalin region, since if a local resident does not have the opportunity to legally catch and eat fish, then there can be no question of fishing tourism.

Therefore, the Sakhalin Oblast Government has appealed to the Federal Agency for Fishery with a request to consider the possibility of expanding the powers of the regional Commission to regulate the production of anadromous fish species. To expand the Commission’s powers, the Government of the region proposes by granting the Commission the right to establish additional conditions for the extraction of anadromous fish species (fish appearing in Russian waters and then migrating to the sea for feeding to return to spawn for spawning). In particular, specify the coordinates of the installation of fishing gear (nets) and independently set limits on the size of these tools, limit the fishing load not only within the framework of the existing fishing regulations, but also prohibit fishing on fishing grounds to ensure filling of the spawning grounds. The Government of Sakhalin also proposes to endow the Commission of the region with a number of additional powers, which will enable it to provide a greater degree of salmon fishing rights for the local population and representatives of the small indigenous peoples of the North. These are such powers as the ability to determine the volume of extraction of aquatic biological resources of amateur anglers, the place and tools of sports and amateur fishing.

“The additional powers of the Commission for regulating the extraction of anadromous species of fish of the Sakhalin region to regulate salmon fishing, artificial reproduction, sport and recreational fishing are not at all whims, but an urgent need. If the Federal Agency for Fishery gives the Commission these additional powers, it will be able to reduce the fishing burden on the salmon population and fill the spawning grounds. Thus, it will be able to solve the main tasks facing it today - preserving the population of valuable species of aquatic biological resources in the region and providing local fishermen with work for many years to come. Also, thanks to the Commission’s additional powers in regulating amateur and sport fishing, local residents will be able to fully engage in traditional nature management and conditions for the development of tourism will be improved in the region, ”said Igor Bystrov.

He added at the same time that there are a number of objective factors that make it justified to give additional powers to the Commission on the regulation of the production of anadromous fish species operating in the Sakhalin Oblast. Since it was she who was the first of the Far Eastern regions to face a reduction in the salmon approach. As a result, in some areas of Sakhalin there is a need not so much for the fishing organization as for the restoration of the population. At the same time, the Sakhalin Region is today one of the leaders in the field of artificial reproduction of Pacific salmon. Therefore, she has a lot of questions that have no business, for example, the Kamchatka Territory or Khabarovsk. These are issues such as determining the recipients of the right to catch fish, issued by hatcheries, the method of providing fish farms with caviar necessary for the further reproduction of salmon.

"Today Rosrybolovstvo regularly discusses with the regions aspects of fishery regulation and meets them halfway in solving complex issues. Now the agency is considering the proposal received from the Government of the Sakhalin Oblast to expand the authority of the local Commission for the regulation of the production of anadromous fish species. If specialists of the department come to the decision that additional powers of this commission are necessary, they will prepare draft amendments to the relevant regulatory acts regulating fishing in Russia and the activities of the Commission. At the same time, if the proposal of the Sakhalin Oblast government is approved, additional authorities will be assigned not only the Commission for the regulation of the production of anadromous fish species in the region, but all commissions operating in the regions where salmon are harvested, "the head of the press service told ER. Ksenia Timakova.

"Fishing in each fishing region of the Far East is distinguished by its specificity. Therefore, in the Fisheries Rules for the Far Eastern Fisheries Basin, one or another of its regions establishes its own fishing parameters. For example, unlike the Khabarovsk Territory, in the Sakhalin Oblast fishing is mainly carried out in the sea, while in the province, river fishing is predominantly widespread. And even the river fisheries of the two regions differ from each other, since those Sakhalin rivers in which small fish volumes are mined are, in contrast to the Khabarovsk river basins, very small. Accordingly, the fishing gear used by the regions is not the same. At the same time, the Khabarovsk Territory's fishing organization, Olympic, is used in the Sakhalin Region, "said Sergei Andryushchenko, deputy chairman of the Fisheries Committee of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Khabarovsk Territory.

In his opinion, the Fishery Committee of the Khabarovsk Territory does not have any particular need in those powers that the Commission for the Regulation of Anadromous Fish Species of the Sakhalin Region has sent to the Federal Agency for Fisheries.

"The Sakhalin Commission requires that it be given the right to tighten the fishing gear more closely to the location - to determine the more precise coordinates of their installation. For fishing in the Khabarovsk Territory, the binding that is provided for in the fishing rules is sufficient. The same is true of Sakhalin's right to set limits on the size of fishing gear. The Fisheries Committee of the Khabarovsk Territory copes with the problems arising from the lack of a place for fishermen due to the occupation of too large a water area by any fishery, in the working order - it is not required for them to enforce the rules prescribed in the Commission's regulations. The provision of the possibility to determine the volume of extraction of aquatic biological resources by amateur anglers, places and tools of sports and amateur fishing is also only needed for the Sakhalin region, because it does not have (defined) fishing areas for the implementation of sports and amateur (as opposed to the Khabarovsk Territory) Fishing ", - explained Sergey Andryushchenko.

But he noted at the same time, the Khabarovsk Krai fisheries committee supports any proposals to expand the regulation sent by the fisheries commissions of other Far Eastern regions to Rosrybolovstvo.

According to him, the Fishery Committee of the Khabarovsk Territory at the present time is most necessary to give Rosrybolovstvo the right to establish the frequency of reporting fisheries enterprises. Since now the commission to recommend to the local scientific community to prepare a rationale for the possibility of additional filling of spawning grounds, it is often necessary to apply to the fishermen themselves with a request for reporting. Due to the fact that the Fishery Rules now provide for reporting by fishermen only once every 5 days.

“On the whole, today the activity of the regional Commissions for regulating the extraction of anadromous fish species that has existed for more than a year has been recognized by the Federal Agency for Fishery Effective. As a result of their work, operational control of the fishing course occurs. The regulation carried out by the Commissions is necessary for quality fishing, especially in regions where it is large. In particular, in the Sakhalin region, in which Pacific salmon are harvested by more than 300 enterprises that annually catch 150-200'000 tons of salmon, ”concluded Ksenia Timakova.

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The Commission on the regulation of the production of anadromous fish species operates in those regions of Russia where Pacific salmon fisheries are being fished. They include representatives of Rosrybolovstvo and the authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation, experts from a variety of scientific institutions, as well as Russian fish farmers and fishermen. The activities of these Commissions are regulated by the Law on Fisheries and the corresponding order of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia. The functions of the commissions include the establishment of a number of conditions, volumes, timing, as well as the determination of the location of the production of anadromous fish species. For example, the Commissions make regular changes in the volumes of extraction of individual subspecies of anadromous fish; Determine the location of fishing equipment and the number of fishing areas; The time limits for the commencement and prohibition of fishing are established; The organization of periods for the admission of producers of anadromous fish species on water bodies is carried out.