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On a new 2000-ruble banknote, Sakhalin became a peninsula: the media of the island. - EastRussia |






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Sakhalin "grew" to the mainland

On a new 2000-ruble banknote, Sakhalin became a peninsula: the media of the island.

12 October, the Central Bank announced the issue of new denominations in denominations in 2000 and 200 rubles. And tomorrow, October 14 in all branches of the Savings Bank in the country will be their presentation with a demonstration of samples. Over the past day, residents of Sakhalin reviewed fresh banknotes on the official website of the Central Bank and made geographical discoveries.

Sakhalin "grew" to the mainland

While the country is discussing the design of new banknotes, the Sakhalin people focused their views on the outlines of the territories in the upper right fragment of the banknote. They saw that the island "attracted" to the mainland in the north, and now they are connected by a land crossing.

"As can be seen on the enlarged image of the note, the white outlines, which could explain the contact of Sakhalin and the" big earth ", partially disappear in part of the picture. In their place is not water, but land territory, which is quite sufficient for self-transition or a trip to the Sakhalin Peninsula. Based on the length of the entire island at 948 kilometers, it can be assumed that the land crossing stretches for no less than a few kilometers " - Comments


Recall that in June 2016 held a popular vote on the choice of symbols for new banknotes on the site Yours-Russia.rf. More than 3 million people took part in it. The Far East (Vladivostok and the Amur Region) and Sevastopol were defeated.

On a new banknote worth 2000 rubles, received in circulation 12 October, a bridge to the Russian island in Vladivostok on the obverse and the cosmodrome "Vostochny" in the Amur region - on the reverse. Chapter Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina noted that in the mass use of new money will come in December. This circumstance does not cause enthusiasm among the inhabitants of the island.

"Not only are we forgotten to draw on all the maps, even some textbooks without the Kurils are being produced, so we are also a peninsula on Russian banknotes. You can not treat people like that, I believe. This scandal is not even Russian, but international. The banknotes of the country are in fact the same important symbolism as the coat of arms, the flag. I can imagine how the foreigners would laugh when they learned that in Russia those who "draw money" do not know geography, - readers shared their opinions

“The image of a ruble (the symbol of the ruble) on new banknotes appears in several places: on a security thread, in micro images. The denomination figures are larger than on other banknotes of a banknote series, and have tangible relief. This is done specifically for people with impaired vision for face value recognition. On both banknotes placed the emblem of the Russian Federation. On the front side of each banknote there is a QR code containing a link to the Bank of Russia page with detailed information on the decoration and security features. ” - noted in the Central Bank.

However, some Sakhalin residents are not discouraged, and they joke that this is money from the future, and a bridge was placed on them that would connect the island with the mainland. Others believe that, on the contrary, officials have repeatedly portrayed Sakhalin on a peninsula - they say it is easier to prove that the construction of a bridge — not painted, but real — is not necessary.

About half a year ago with Yandex-cards there was a similar story (see .screen). Corrections in them have not been made so far.

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UPD on 19: 00 by MSC:

The press service of Goznak responded to the claims of residents of Sakhalin. The width of the Nevelsky Strait dividing the island and the mainland is 7 km. 300 meters, which in the scale of the picture on the banknote is ~ 80 micron (0,008 mm.). Despite the fact that the outlines of Sakhalin and the "big earth" merge, it "does not stop to see that the green images of the mainland and Sakhalin Island do not unite with each other," Gosznake.

For clarity, Sakhalin Island on the map of the Russian Federation, photo East Russia: