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Kamchatka active volcano threatens local and international aviation - EastRussia | News Kamchatka Krai






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Shiveluch showed 10-kilometer smoky "pistol" (VIDEO)

The active volcano of Kamchatka threatens local and international aviation

Shiveluch showed 10-kilometer smoky "pistol" (VIDEO)
Photo: Yuri Demyanchuk

"The volcano has exploded with us!" It is necessary to tear claws. We stand right in front of the pass, we change the chains. Wow! This is the first time I've ever seen this. It is necessary to tick from here, now we are covered with ashes. Shiveluch again showed who is the master in the house! - an eyewitness of the event Ruslan Orlenko commented Instagram.

Spectacular cloud appeared Shiveluchem today, 5 December morning. It rose to a height of about 10 km. above sea level. A bizarre form of ejection at the northernmost of the active volcanoes of Kamchatka, whose height is 3283 m, attracted the attention of the inhabitants of the village. Volcanologists warned of a threat in their site (see the animated map). Gray lines are airways, a cloud of ash is highlighted in color.


- Shiveluch's explosive activity is dangerous both for local and international air routes, which are in large numbers on the way of ash plume propagation. The code of aviation danger for Shiveluch remains "orange" - told the publication "East Russia" leader Kamchatka group for reacting to volcanic eruptions (KVERT) Olga Girina. - ATgeneral toEach ejection on the volcano is unique. The shape of the eruption column depends on the stratification of the atmosphere and on the thickness of the explosion. This time the release was quite powerful, ashes rose to the tropopause*, where, due to a more sparse atmosphere, spreading through this layer occurred, and a beautiful mushroom cloud turned out.


Entertainments to the picture were added by lightning, which sparkled in the ash cap of Shiveluch.

- With such powerful explosive emissions, magmatic deep matter usually arrives. It, first, red-hot, secondly, it carries a static charge. Static electricity is present on these particles, they are still further rubbed, so lightning is observed - added Olga Girina.

Tourist groups in the volcano area are not registered now. It does not threaten the villages, the ash plume is attributed by the wind in the uninhabited north-eastern direction. The closest to the gigantic village of Klyuchi is at 45-km. Ash falls in the villages of the Ust-Kamchatka region is not fixed. Nevertheless, Kamchatka rescuers reminded residents and guests of the region of the rules of behavior in the ashfall, and travel agencies recommended temporarily to refrain from visits to the volcano area.

- В In the immediate vicinity of the volcano, the maximum permissible concentration of gas can be observed in case of combined-cycle emissions. When approaching the volcano there is a chance to get into the ashfall, which can lead to allergic reactions, the ingress of ash into the mechanisms of cars and their failure - representatives EMERCOM of Russia in the Kamchatka Territory.

The "orange" danger code for aviation is now also preserved for the active volcanoes Karymsky on Kamchatka and Ebeko on the island of Paramushir.

* The tropopause (from the Greek τροπος - turn, change and παῦσις - stop, stop) - the layer of the atmosphere in which there is a sharp decrease in the vertical temperature gradient, the transition layer between the troposphere and the stratosphere.

Photo: Yuri Demyanchuk, Yevhen Cherdyntsev, Alexander Belousov.