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So “steel” came back: How Toreks acquired Amurmetal without debts - EastRussia |






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So the "steel" returned

As a new investor in the Far East received an advance in the form of minus 35 billion

So the "steel" returned

Dmitry Shcherbakov

Editor in Chief EastRussia
Today, the Minister of Economic Development of the Khabarovsk Territory Viktor Kalashnikov held a press conference at the Investment and Development Agency of the Khabarovsk Territory. Everyone is on hearing The recent deal on Amurmetal, which finally bought Torex. Of course, this issue could not be avoided.

Mr. Kalashnikov said:

- A serious topic, for example, "Amurmetal". We all know its history, you already know the latest news that after all the investor in the established order came out with the corresponding offer. He made a deposit. This is the company "Torex" - famous, Khabarovsk. Just yesterday we already met - both with the company and with the investors of this project. And we understand, on the one hand, that serious work is on the other hand, it's good that such an asset purchase has taken place. Still very many questions on it are saved. But investors have put before us the question completely justified, what support package we can prepare for them. Just the TACER regime is one of them, the SPIC regime, the special investment contract is another. There may be other formats used.

I confess I could not resist the question that worries many.

And what about the debt in 35 billion rubles?

It is not often necessary to see how ministers smile at press conferences.
And Viktor Kalashnikov could not resist - he smiled:

"Duty is forgiven." The asset is realized for 2,46 billion. This is all that will get into the bankruptcy estate. This is all that creditors will receive, although there are pledge creditors, and more nuances. The acceptance of the offer was completed in 23: 59 29 January. By this time, "Torex" made a deposit. There will be no debts, and this will be a new venture.

Do you begin to fully realize what happened?

"As far as I know," the minister continued, "the name" Amurmetal "is no longer possible. It will be excluded from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. And the name, in my opinion, will be "Amurstal". The historical name will be returned. In my opinion, not bad. But the debt of 35 billion rubles. - He will go forever into history.

How did all the same exhaled in the government of the Khabarovsk Territory 29 January, I imagine. After all, the press service even posted the news on Saturday about the emergence of a strategic investor, do you understand? Gone debts on 35 billion rubles.

However, this pill has its own "bitterness".

"There is, of course, an acute problem of operational activity in this transitional phase," said Viktor Kalashnikov. "You know what the situation with payments is, first of all, for electricity. This is a very energy-intensive enterprise. There are questions about both heat and natural gas. Now the new owner and energy find certain models of interaction. And the Krai government insists on this, there are certain accumulated debts, but the investor - what does he have to do with them? And the fact that current payments are unquestionably, they must be provided in full. Here the government of the region is completely on the side of power engineers.

And one more important nuance. I specified. 490 million advance payments "Torex" has already made?

- Yes, this is the condition. Quite right, "said the minister.

In general, we had such a joint-stock company. OJSC Amurmetal, Issuer code 30513-F, registered capital 3 637 015 380.00 rubles, of which 90.30% ordinary shares, preferred 9.70% - yes it's over.

And there was before him another joint-stock company - first OJSC, then OJSC Amurstal. A glorious past can not be got anywhere. According to EGRYuL, the initial registration of the joint-stock company happened 05.02.1993, the termination of activity - 24.10.2005. Because of bankruptcy.

This, however, legal subtleties. Universal interpretation On the website of Amurmetal Somewhat different:

25th of December 1992 Amurstal plant transformed into joint-stock company
30 April 1996 city The decision of the Arbitration Court of Khabarovsk Krai introduced the procedure for bankruptcy of the plant of OJSC Amurstal
25 February 1997 city the founders created Amurmetal OJSC and the modern part of the Amurstal plant - the Far-Eastern Pulping Plant (DPMZ) - continued its production activity under the new name Amurmetall
The structure of OJSC Amurmetal included the complex "Steel", the complex "Rental" and a number of auxiliary workshops

How can one not remember the unforgettable ex-speaker of the Duma of Khabarovsk Krai Sergei Khokhlov. Which (I quote Publication in "TOZ" 2001 year): "From 1991 to 1996 year was the first deputy head of the administration in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. In May 1996 was appointed arbitration manager of the metallurgical enterprise of OJSC Amurstal. In 1997 he became CEO of Amurmetal OJSC, which was formed after the bankruptcy of Amurstal OJSC.

Severely all the metallurgists.

The new investor - good luck and no-no-case-non-repetition of history. And the advance in the form of minus 35 billion - he has already received.