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Aisen Nikolaev: "Digital TOP" in Yakutia got a new breath - EastRussia |






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"Digital TOP" in Yakutia got a new breath

The project to create an IT park in Yakutsk was rethought in the course of the educational program at the Russian Academy of Sciences

"Digital TOP" in Yakutia got a new breath
Photo: Tass / VEF Photobank
A large-scale refresher course was completed at the Russian Academy of Science and Technology, in which several regional management teams from the Far East took part. In the team of Yakutia recently re-elected Mayor of Yakutsk Aisen Nikolaev studied. After the completion of the "examination" (which took place in the form of a presentation of the project), the head of the city answered several questions from EastRussia.

- Aysen S., on the "exam" in RANHiGS you have presented the project of a new IT-park in Yakutsk. How will it differ from the current infrastructure for such companies?
- Well, first of all, we did not have an IT park as such. We have the Technopark "Yakutia", in which, among other things, there is a group of IT companies. And we, working with Technopark, came to the understanding that today our IT companies have already grown out of the technological park alone, and we need to create a separate direction for the IT industry, a separate structure. World experience shows that in such cases the creation of a separate IT-park is the most effective and effective method of development of this industry. Moreover, in Yakutsk there are about 40 IT companies, some of which have already become so-called champions, have entered the international markets.

It was in order to create a unified environment for the interaction of IT companies, for the synergy of their activities, in order for our champions to interact with startups, it was decided to create a separate IT park.

- What will it be? The room? Infrastructure? Preferential modes? TOP?
"You anticipated our ideas a little." Bazovo - of course, these are premises and a modern telecommunication and IT infrastructure. But we really think that if we have a project in demand, then, of course, we will be able to raise the issue of creating a digital TOP. In the city of Yakutsk we already have experience in creating TOP, we literally created from scratch from one of the first such sites in the Far East. So there is practical experience and understanding of how it is done and why.

- Do you mean "Kangalassy"?
- Yes, we conceived and got in practice a site where companies of industrial character are working, focused on closing the needs of the domestic market. In this case, unlike other Far Eastern sites, this TOP is primarily intended for small businesses. And all the enterprises that work there today, by their classification, belong just to small enterprises.

So if everything goes well with us, if we see that the project really fires, then we can claim that the IT-park be given the status of a digital TOP.

- And what is the goal themselves himself bet? When will understand, shoot or not?
- At the first stage we set a goal - 20 residents.

- For what period?
- Before December 2018 year. And if we see that they began to work, that the proceeds from them went up, then we will take further decisions on the development of the project.

- Who will directly deal with the project?
- Anatoly Semenov, Director of Technopark, was appointed the head of the project office. This is a man who is absolutely burning, living the idea of ​​creating an IT park in Yakutia.

- And the technopark will live their lives?
- Oh sure. But as I expect, there will be close interaction between the Technopark and the IT-park. Especially since we arranged them almost next to each other.

- Tell me, do foreign companies have their own representative offices there? Have you checked this interest?
- Yes, of course, there were negotiations. Both Intel, and Microsoft, and large Chinese companies express interest in cooperation with the future IT-park. But as long as they have such a position - let us see, wait for what happens.

- Has the project helped and what is the training in RASHiGS? The idea itself is not new, it was not born in courses.
- We have this project, of course, was discussed for a long time, was spoken long ago, but it was here, within the program, that we rethought many aspects. In this area, time is extremely expensive, if you do not start on time, the project may no longer shoot. How to speed up the implementation? For example, after the first course, we realized that we had to move away from the construction of the park in the direction of buying real estate. Because it immediately saves at least three to four years. What you need to take faster measures to attract to the project are not government officials, but people who are directly involved in the business.

So if it were not for the program, maybe we just chewed on the project, it might not be born in the end. And now - there is a very specific plan of action. We buy the building and create all the necessary infrastructure by December 2018.