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Kolyma: Gold, water and downhill skiing

Despite the fact that the Magadan Region, due to its northern position, has more severe natural and climatic conditions than most regions of the Far East, there is a high probability that in the short term it will be quite well developed

Kolyma: Gold, water and downhill skiing

The production index on the Kolyma can grow from 6% in 2016 to 11% in 2018. In many respects, it will be conditioned by the tendencies existing in the region. So, the positive trend is demonstrated by the main branch of Magadan - gold mining: the planned volumes of 2016 gold production year exceed the level of 2015 year and are expected in the amount of 27 tons. At the same time, the authorities of the region are actively making efforts to develop such an unconventional industry as tourism.

Recall that while the soils of the Magadan region are not distinguished by high natural fertility (a significant part of them are introduced into agricultural circulation as a result of land reclamation), its territory is rich in minerals. So, its industrial reserves of precious, non-ferrous and rare metals - gold, silver, tin, tungsten - are significant. Also in its range there are copper, molybdenum, polymetallic ores, explored deposits of the facing stone. In addition, there are reserves of oil, peat, timber, gas concentrate. The second most important industry in the Magadan region after mining and the only one, whose products are sold not only on the domestic market of Russia, but also exported, in the Magadan Region is the fishery. At the same time, the region has all the necessary resources for the development of almost all types of tourism - fishing, hunting, environmental, event, as well as historical and cognitive. And the fact that the authorities of the region are interested in its all-round development is vividly demonstrated by the fact that at the beginning of September at the second Eastern Economic Forum they will be presented not only their resource projects, but also projects from the sphere of tourism. In total, four projects will be presented.

1. Construction of a mining and metallurgical complex on the basis of gold deposits Pavlik, Pavlik-2 and Rodionovskoye.

The project assumes the creation of a mining and smelting complex at the most promising deposits of the Yano-Kolymskaya gold ore province. Commissioning of the complex will allow to extract up to 5 million tons of ore and 6-8 tons of gold per year. The initiator of the creation of the complex is OJSC “ZRK“ Pavlik ”(as a part of IK“ Arlan ”), the volume of necessary investments is 45,6 billion rubles. Currently, within the framework of the project implementation, commissioning works are already being completed at the complex.

In addition to the project, it is planned to support the new projects of Pavlik and the further development of the mineral and raw materials base of Pavlik, Pavlik-2 fields with a total reserve growth of up to 250 tons, a significant addition to which may be the predicted gold resources of Rodionovsky Field of the volume of 100 tons. In general, in the future, at these three fields, it is planned to receive up to 18,5 tons of gold annually.

2. Creation of a coal cluster.

The project involves the construction and mining of coal mines near the village. Omsukchan with a total capacity of more than 3 million tons of coal per year, design and construction of an export coal terminal in the Pestraya Dresva bay, construction of a road with a total length of about 130 km from the village Galimy of the Magadan region to the Pestraya Dresva bay, reconstruction of a section of the Omsukchan-Galymy highway. The open-pit coal explored in the open-pit mines amounts to more than 100 million tons, with the prospect of further growth, and about 1 billion rubles have already been invested in geological exploration. Metallurgical and ferroalloy enterprises of the Asia-Pacific Region (South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam) can become consumers of high-quality products.

The project is initiated by the North-Eastern Coal Company CJSC (as part of the Eastern Mining Company group). For its development, the complex for the production and transshipment of metallurgical coal requires 25 billion rubles. As a form of participation, the project assumes the possibility of entering into the share capital of a company that combines the production assets of Sakhalin and the geological exploration facilities of the Magadan Region.

3. Reconstruction of the balneological resort "Talaya".

The project includes the reconstruction of the existing "Talaya" sanatorium, the construction of a fitness center, a bowling center, an aqua park, as well as the construction of an 220 kV overhead line to the Talaya settlement and the reconstruction of an auto-approach to it. The main advantages of this sanatorium are the presence of water and mud with rare healing properties, which activate metabolic processes in the human body and contribute to the recovery of cells. Resort "Talaya" is the only balneological resort in the northeast of Russia. Every year, its guests are about 4 thousand people - residents of the Magadan region and neighboring regions. The resort is located at an altitude of 720 meters above sea level, surrounded by high hills with a dense picturesque pine forest. A special feature of Talaya is the unique number of sunny days in the year - the annual amount of hours of sunshine here is 1822 hours, which is even more than in the resorts of the Caucasus.

The initiator of the reconstruction project of the resort "Talaya" is the Government of the Magadan Region, the amount of investments necessary for its implementation - 8,6 billion rubles.

4. Construction of the all-season sports and tourist complex "Sunny. Magadan.

The project includes hotel and entertainment, shopping, wellness facilities with a conference hall. As part of its implementation, a gondola lift will be created, ski and bicycle routes of varying complexity, cableways, ski trails and hiking trails are equipped. At the very peak of the snow-capped mountains a covered observation deck will be erected, from where beautiful views will be opened to the surroundings of Magadan and Nagaev Bay. The project will also include a ski center, a snowpark, a ski stadium, a cafe, sports and children's complexes with gyms, a wellness center, a swimming pool, a skating rink, and a bowling alley. The whole complex as a whole will be located on the territory of an area of ​​1000 ha in the area of ​​the Russian ski school. It is expected that its creation will increase the influx of tourists - both Russian and foreign - by 13,8 thousand people per year.

The initiator of the project for the construction of the complex "Sunny. Magadan "is the city hall of the city of Magadan. To implement the project, it is necessary to order 2,6 billion rubles of investment. Currently, his master plan is being developed.

The head of the region Vladimir Pechenyi told the EastRussia correspondent that the presentation of projects by the Magadan Region will be different at the forthcoming Eastern Economic Forum, as well as about the state of its affairs at the time of the Forum.

- At VEF-2015, the participation of the Magadan Region in the exhibition of the regions of the Far East was all remembered by a unique collection of nuggets. What will be the highlight of the exposition of the region this year?

- The region will present a collection of nuggets even this time, but in addition we will also bring a different exposition - telling about the original culture of the indigenous peoples of the Magadan region - Even and Koryak. As for the "highlight, at the forthcoming forum the region plans to present the art object" Gold mine ". Each visitor will be given the opportunity to feel like a gold miner. In particular, thanks to the elements of the life and work of the prospector presented in it in the field. Also, the corresponding effect will be produced by the field tent placed on the territory of the facility, a fireplace with a bowler hat, an instrument used by mine surveyors, geologists, and mining engineers. At the same time, the opportunity to directly collect gold-bearing sand under the guidance of an experienced miner will also play a role in creating the proper effect, and also try to wash gold. In fact, visitors to the site will be invited to make an excursion to the very beginning of the 20-th century, because at that time gold was produced with the help of the future provided on the art object of a wooden tray, a kyle, a scraper, a jar to dry.

Moreover, at the forum we will make a truly unique invitation to our forum, the third All-Russian Golden Festival "Staratelsky Fart", which also thanks to an excursion into the past, but assuming even greater immersion in it, everyone can feel like a prospector and feel The atmosphere of the Kolyma Klondike. As in its framework, any participant necessarily finds gold, and the winner becomes a millionaire: having won in competitions, he only earns a million rubles for 15 minutes of washing - this is the third prize for the first place.

- What is the current state of the economy of the Magadan Region?

- The main thing that characterizes the state of the economy of the Magadan region in 2016 is the decline in the rate of inflation, the restoration of positive dynamics in the market of goods and services, the growth in the volume of shipped products by main types of economic activity. In addition, an effective washing season is still expected in the region.

In general, the situation on the foreign market improved compared to the year 2015 improved, but, nevertheless, it is not the same as it was in the years preceding the sanctions taken against Russia. So, in its result, the region's foreign trade turnover for the first quarter of the year 2016 increased by 15% to $ 99 million. A good event in this area recently was the fact that we have a new partner for export supplies - this is Kazakhstan, whose share In the foreign trade turnover of the region for the last year was 49%.

A good financial result is also observed in the work of enterprises: the profit in the region's economy in January-April 2016 amounted to more than 13 billion rubles, which is 2 times more than in the same period last year.

- What other branches of the economy of the Magadan region are the most interesting for potential investors today?

- As for investments, we should first sound the modern and possible future levels of the figure that characterize them in the Magadan Region. And, that is, in the first quarter of this year, the economy of the Magadan region received an order of 5 billion rubles of investments, and in general this year we expect an increase in the volume of investments in current prices to 2015 year by 2,6%. If we talk about the most attractive sectors for the economy of the Magadan region today, then, as shown recently Magadan international investment and industrial fair, the main interest of investors now attract projects in such areas of the region as extraction of minerals, agriculture and tourism . Yes, it's not surprising - we really have something to offer here, the investor. The most priority projects from all the possible here for the proposal by us will be presented just at the WEF.