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And about. the head of the Kuril urban district Vadim Rokotov about life in the Kuril Islands - EastRussia |






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"Earnings, potential - everything is there. Looking for people »

And about. the head of the Kurile urban district Vadim Rokotov about life in the Kurils

Vadim Rokotov worked for a long time in the administration of Sakhalin, where he was responsible for the development of international relations and external relations, then he headed the department of affairs of the governor and the government, and managed to work as a director of the city park of culture and recreation in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. On the island of Iturup, the new Io. the chapter has found the developed industry, but the infrastructure lagging behind it. What is needed is that the "settlements of fishermen, hunters and berry-eaters" gradually turn into modern settlements, Vadim Rokotov explained to EastRussia.

"Earnings, potential - everything is there. Looking for people »
- You recently moved to Iturup from Sakhalin and began to lead the Kuril municipal district. What, in your opinion, the most acute problems of the area?

- Significant scientific and technical progress has come to the middle Kuriles. It is obvious. A good, knowledge-intensive, modern industrial base has been created here: fish processing plants, associated production. Such companies as Gidrostroy, Kuril Fisherman, Kontinet and others successfully work. Large amounts of development have the military. The presence of such, in a good sense, "aggressive" environment causes increased requirements for the presence on the island of a modern industrial, urban infrastructure, environment, and a modern, high human resource potential. The whole Iturup is a small district center Kurilsk, the village of Reidovo fishermen and several other settlements.

Today we see that new modern plants and high-tech industries require modern, well-trained personnel. The local population does not always correspond to such a request. This mainly applies to engineering and technical personnel. And then we see the "multiplicative effect in the opposite direction." Need engineers, they need to bring. Engineers have educated wives, they need a modern service industry, modern housing. For their children need normal educational and cultural institutions. The sphere of life, leisure, training, transport infrastructure - these are the needs that have drawn the creation of modern industries.

- And yet, if we compare the Kurilsk beginning of the 2000-ies and today, what has changed?

- If to compare, then, of course, there is a change. Thank you to the federal development program of the Kuriles, thanks to the federal and regional authorities, personally to the president of Russia. Famous people, leaders of the country and the region constantly visited Iturup, were constantly interested in the situation, each made a significant contribution. Kuril residents remember this and are grateful. Made in fact very much. From an ordinary seaside village with wooden houses and dusty streets, the city of Kurilsk and the surrounding villages turned into quite modern settlements in which a person sees a reaction to modern challenges. Today in Kurilsk on the houses facades of modern materials, everywhere street lighting, a modern sports and cultural center with a cinema, a sports hall, a swimming pool is built. Many strong earthquake resistant buildings. At first glance, everything is fine. But as life shows, all this is not enough.

- What is missing?

- Industrial enterprises are built, there is a great potential for their development. New workshops will be built in, the port infrastructure will be improved, and loads will be delivered. It will require new engineering staff. In 2018, we are waiting for a fiber optic cable. Finally a good internet will appear. How quickly IT-technologies develop, we know, appropriate specialists will be needed. New structures and firms will appear. And what do we have today? One ship for communication with Sakhalin. He walks, say, not often. A small number of cargo-passenger vessels for communication with Vladivostok.

Thank God, a modern airport was built. This is the joy and pride of the Kurils. But it is still dependent on weather conditions. Strong winds and snowstorms are frequent on Kuril Islands. Hence, there is a need for long-term and large volumes of delivery of goods. We need large warehouse terminals. And this is again specialists, computer technologies and mechanisms. All the infrastructure that we see in the largest ports of the mainland of Russia, it is waiting for its time, it is needed here on Iturup, and we see it clearly. And that is why, of course, it is necessary to further develop the modern vision and direction, qualitative changes of people in a professional, cultural way. Kurilsk is no longer the city of fishermen, berry-eaters and hunters. There are already a large number of cultured and educated people here.

- For some, it would seem surprising that quite recently there was not a kilometer of asphalt roads on all the Kuril Islands. How are things going now? What are your plans?

- Yes, there was asphalt. This is a great pride and joy of Kuril people. Although those who came to Iturup a half or two years ago, can not understand this joy. For them, asphalt is natural. Today, the Raidovo village looks European in general. Borders, sidewalks, street lighting, bus stops - just 6-7 years ago it was simply unthinkable to imagine. Bamboo and the dust from passing cars settled on it - that was the picture. Asphalting, of course, must be extended to the most remote villages. Asphalt helps to break up the territory, to allocate areas for some new industrial innovative production, retail outlets. There are plans for the construction of greenhouses, space has already been set aside. But to them, again, we need entrances, places for storage of materials, a stable connection.

- What about the energy on the island?

- Energy is not well developed. It is expensive, of course. All fuel must be delivered. But the energy itself, its advanced structure. Modern generating capacities, networks, companies managing these networks. But there are not enough engineers, specialists. They could have been brought, but we need to urgently develop the housing market, of all forms of property - social, commercial hiring. We need to develop mortgage programs.

- And what changes are expected by the regional center?

- Now we accept the general plan of the city development, where the zones of housing construction, trade, household services and so on will be clearly defined. Kurilsk must be developed as a full-fledged city. After all, today he does not even have a central city square! There is no normal home of life, there is no good registry office, there is no normal court building. But these buildings and institutions are the main signs that speak about the settlement as a city. Which is very sad, there is no competition among Internet providers.

Therefore, the main thing I see in the creation of a modern urban environment, industrial, cultural and scientific facilities. This includes everything: roads, energy and infrastructure networks, the Internet, modern schools, consumer service companies, car services, car washing. There are many cars here, very different, but there is not one normal car service. There is not a single good car wash. Asphalt is already there, but there are no car washes. Delivery of goods is difficult. Although in normal weather it is possible to fly to Xuzhno-Sakhalinsk within 50 minutes, the plane flies 5 days a week. It's amazing today: you can have breakfast, get on an airplane in 11 hours, and at lunch halfway through lunchtime somewhere in "City Molle" of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk with friends and acquaintances.

- Yes, before, I remember, the military airport Burevestnik worked a little more than 60 days a year. And before it was necessary to go still 1,5 hours on impassability and ocean outflow ...

- That's right! The commissioning of a new modern airport has speeded up communication so much that it is simply incomprehensible to the mind. For me, as a man who traveled to the Kuriles for many years, it became a great and pleasant cultural shock. And people have become more mobile. They see what the range and quality of services in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Of course, we have not reached this point yet, but we hope that someday the Kurils will fly to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to do hairstyles and buy gifts for children.

- What are you going to build in the near future?

- We need a good registry office, we need an area with a fountain, many things are needed. We will build all this. Today entrepreneurs come to me directly and say: "We need you to set up towns and villages on Iturup as the executive power." To ensure that people get comfortably to work, they live in well-appointed homes. We need to attract high-class specialists, so we need to create comfortable conditions for life, and for those who wish to stay here, we must create conditions for the purchase of rented dwellings or the purchase of apartments in new buildings. " Fortunately, the earnings in the Kuril Islands are normal. Today, entrepreneurs are interested in not having seasonal workers working for them, but for professionals who have grown fond of their work and their enterprise. People are permanent. They go to work in a good mood, they know that at home they have a well-established way of life, that children go to a good school, and after classes - in a modern sports hall or swimming pool.

But today the Kuril schools do not meet modern requirements. They all have heavy wear. We constantly solve some emergency problems. That pipe will burst, it blows somewhere. At two schools in general there are no stadiums, and this is a violation of modern requirements. The birth rate is growing, the number of children has increased, and the classes are small and close. In Reidovo school teachers do not even have a teaching staff! Teachers donated their teacher's room and made a class in it, while they themselves are preparing for the lessons, sitting at a table by the window in the corridor. These are the teachers. They need to put a monument! So schools should be built as soon as possible.

Or here is an example. The village of Reidovo became simply remarkable, changed radically. But not all. One half is asphalted, there is good street lighting, beautiful fences near houses. And the second half is unpaved, dust flies. People are unhappy. It seems that even as a kind of social inequality is demonstrated in this way, a social split appears. This, of course, must be corrected. The whole village should be upgraded to a modern look and landscaped. The benefit from the fish industry in the district budget is stable, and we are proud of it. Although we are still a subsidized area. All our advantages are eaten remoteness and high prices for everything. The transport component eats everything. Now winter, and the problem with the delivery of containers. Problems are experienced by stores and so on.

- How does demography change?

- There is a small increase. That's in all the areas of the Far East, waning, but we have growth. But it most likely happens at the expense of people coming to long-term work. In the spring-autumn period, that is, during the preparation and progress of the river, when the construction is activated, the fish processing plants enter the active phase, the population of the district generally doubles. They come in families! Come for a while, work, earn money. And then they get used to it, they like it here. Also remain for ever. Actually, the percent of 70 Kurilchans was formed. I met people from the suburbs, Altai, Irkutsk, Odessa ... All geography is represented. Here, clean air, beautiful, the rhythm of life is calm. These people often even have housing on the mainland, there is much to return. But it passes year after year, and they do not go anywhere.

- I've heard that many of those who left for the mainland, after some time, return to the Kurils. This is true?

- There are many such examples. People come back by the call of the heart, what is called. They leave, settle on the mainland or on Sakhalin, but still they are drawn to the Kuriles. They can not integrate and get used to it. Come back, yes.

- And what about the staff?

"This is a sore point." One of the main. Kurilsk has an acute need for qualified specialists: engineers, doctors, teachers, technologists, managers. Very few good electricians, skilled cleaners, road workers. They are, of course, there, but they are all in great demand.

- There is much talk about the need to develop tourism in the Far East and Sakhalin and the Kuriles in particular. Do you have the conditions for this? Is there an economic opportunity?

- There is. The potential of nature is stunning: thermal waters, volcanoes, ocean and sea coasts, the opportunity to swim in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk in September, chic fishing, you can see the remains of ancient Ai settlements, close to watch the life of bears. Much has already been done. The company "Hydrostoy" has opened an excellent tourist unit. Tourists here can be found in large numbers and from everywhere. From all corners of Russia, from Israel, Poland, China, other countries. Sakhalin Island with pleasure on the Kurils come! The main disadvantage is the lack of hotels. Logistics is complicated. It is difficult to accurately calculate the trip on the boat. He rarely walks and fails on schedule. Although the aircraft now fly normally. In the peak season there are two flights a day. And this is a big plus. But it happens that strong winds blow for two days, and the regularity of flights is violated. Although the airline "Aurora" then makes up: makes four flights a day, and people are taken out. That phenomenon, when people could not escape from the Kurils for weeks, vanished into oblivion. The airport is beautiful, modern. Located in 10 minutes on the asphalt from the city. Even if a person is afraid of extreme tourism, going to the sea for a huge halibut, he is frightened by the proximity of bears or the mouth of a volcano, then for 4-5 days he will find what to do in Kurilsk. Thermal springs in walking distance, clean air, nature, ocean and chic views - right from the window, you do not need to go anywhere. Therefore, tourism certainly has a future.

- Do you already plan to enter the TOP for "Kuriles"?

- We look forward to expanding the types of activities within this TOP. Now there is only Shikotan island with its fish processing plants. If there were added activities such as tourism and balneology, I would be very happy. We have plans to continue the development of thermal springs, a change in the structure of these places. Remote sources and dirt should be improved access, life will be established: locker rooms, warm rooms for recreation, hanging out during the day, a lot of things we will do. In balneological tourism, if all this is done, a chic future. We can compete with other mud and thermal spas. I look at it with great optimism. I myself try to visit the sources on weekends, to find an hour for this. I like it very much, I feel good for myself. I feel myself after the sources just fine. Chilled for the whole week!