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60% of Russians Cannot Repay Credit Debts - EastRussia | Far East






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60% of Russians can not repay debts on loans

60% of Russians can not repay debts on loans

According to a survey of the World Bank and Rospotrebnadzor, 60% of Russians have difficulty repaying debts, and 29% of citizens of the Russian Federation are better off not issuing loans now. About it пишет RBC.

Among bank borrowers, 9% have overdue debts, 10% were forced to extend or restructure the loan, and 14% had difficulty paying interest. 26% of respondents spend on servicing loans, everyday expenses and paying utility bills 75% of household income, and only 41% of respondents do not have the above problems. The situation with borrowers who received money in microfinance organizations is even worse - only 35% of respondents have no problems with debts.

Russians most often take consumer loans, moreover families with incomes over 70 thousand rubles prefer to spend money on furniture or household appliances, while from families with incomes less than 30 thousand rubles 45% borrow money for everyday needs. In the case when the family borrowed money both in the MFI and in the bank, its position on average is the most difficult. Almost half of such households are forced to save on food, and among those who borrowed money either in the MFI or in the bank, the share of such borrowers exceeds 30%.

According to the findings of the World Bank, 55% of Russian debtors are vulnerable because of their excessive debt load, and 29% of them are not worth giving loans at all. The remaining 26% in the event of a change in the macroeconomic situation will also be at risk, experts say.