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85% of Sakhalin Oblast's foreign trade turnover is in Asia-Pacific countries - Japan, Republic of Korea, China - EastRussia | Far East






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85% of Sakhalin Oblast's foreign trade turnover is accounted for by Asia-Pacific countries - Japan, Republic of Korea, PRC

Exports of goods and services from the Sakhalin region in 2015 amounted to 5,8 billion dollars, imports - 1,7 billion, dollars

85% of Sakhalin Oblast's foreign trade turnover is accounted for by Asia-Pacific countries - Japan, Republic of Korea, PRC
This was reported by the press service of the Sakhalin customs.

Thus, the trade balance of the region last year was positive and amounted to 4,1 billion dollars, which is almost 11% less than in the 2014 year. At the same time, the press service explained, the decrease was due to a decrease in the value of exports by 1,7%, namely, a decrease in the cost of liquefied natural gas, coal and aquatic biological resources.

The foreign trade turnover in 2015 in the Sakhalin region amounted to 7,5 billion dollars.

The volume of exports traditionally takes the lion's share of turnover. Traditionally, more than 70% of the region's physical volume of exports comes from liquefied natural gas (LNG) of the Sakhalin-2 project: almost 9,6 million tons (4,2% increase) of total value of 4,5 billion dollars (decrease by 14%) was exported.

The second major export item of the region is coal: 3,6 mln. Tons (by 12% more than in 2014) was sent to the Asia-Pacific markets for the total cost of 146,6 mln. Dollars (decrease by 12%). Also, 73,3 thousand tons of fish and seafood products (a decrease of 18%) were supplied to world markets by almost 257 million dollars (a decrease of 8%). Other exports include timber, ferrous metal scrap and peat.

In the total import volume, about 80% consisted of goods supplied under the PSA of the shelf projects. These are mainly machines, equipment and vehicles. In the framework of the PSA projects in the past year, the Sakhalin Customs has issued 9 ships with a total value of $ 728 million, Interfax reports.

The volume of imports excluding goods transported through the PSA in 2015 decreased by 2,7 in times and amounted to 136,7 thousand tons. A spokesman for the press service explained this by a significant decline in the import of cars (the vast majority of “foreign cars” are imported from Japan - IF), which are traditionally the main import item. In 2015, almost 1,9 of thousands of “foreign cars” were imported, which is less in 2,4 than in 2014. The interlocutor also noted that imports of fruits and vegetables from Asian countries had decreased by 3,2, while the supply of food from Belarus increased more than 17.

Cargo turnover in 2015 amounted to 13,8 mln. Tons against 13 mln. Tons in 2014. At the same time, 13,5 million tons fell to exports (in the 2014 year - 12,6 million tons).

Foreign trade was carried out with 116 countries, while 85% of the foreign trade turnover of the Sakhalin Oblast still falls on the APR countries (Japan, Republic of Korea, PRC).

Last year, passenger traffic dropped by almost 30% - almost 208,4 thousand passengers crossed the border.