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Alexander Kozlov recommended VIM-Avia employees to recall the passenger service culture - EastRussia | Far East






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Alexander Kozlov recommended employees of the company "VIM-Avia" to recall the culture of passenger service

Airlines planning to work with the regions of the Far East will have to pay attention to the culture of passenger service. The company "VIM-Avia" has already received a number of comments from the governor of the Amur region, Alexander Kozlov

Alexander Kozlov recommended employees of the company "VIM-Avia" to recall the culture of passenger service
If the phrase "Far East" causes the leadership of the airlines to hope that Far Eastern passengers are less demanding on the culture of flight servicing, then they will have to say goodbye to this hope. In any case, the employees of the company VIM-Avia, having just arrived in the Amur Region to replace Transaero, already managed to get a number of critical remarks from Governor Alexander Kozlov.

This morning, after arriving from a business trip to Moscow, the governor held a meeting at the airport in Blagoveshchensk with representatives of the VIM-Avia and Ikar airlines with the participation of the administration of the airport and the regional transport ministry, according to the website of the government of the Amur Region.

Alexander Kozlov flew on a business trip as usual, an economy class (all members of the regional government and the governor fly only economy class).

"I, as promised, inspected, the quality of the declared service offered by the new air carrier. I want to share my opinion, and it is shared by passengers flying with me aboard VIM-Avia, "said Alexander Kozlov.

The head of the region asked to pay special attention to the culture of passenger service. For example, as noted by the passengers flying this flight, during the loading of baggage for 40 minutes the plane was standing with the doors open. “It's already freezing temperatures. There were children on the plane. Plaids were not offered, and no apologies were even made, ”the governor noted.

He also asked the air carriers to consider the possibility of transferring passengers to another part of the cabin in the presence of empty seats on board.

In addition, Alexander Kozlov noted that it is necessary to work with flight attendants. Stewardesses should monitor the cleanliness of the cabin during the entire flight. The governor of Priamurye expressed the wish that flight attendants pay special attention to parents with children. Another organizing event, which the head of Priamurya drew attention to: it was not only the flight maps, but also feature films and documentaries that were broadcast on television on board. Also, if possible, it would be nice to provide passengers with Amur periodicals.

"I repeat, people fly eight hours, it's very long, and all these things that seem like a small thing are very important. A little more attention to people, they will be very grateful for this. As for the company "Icarus": you just come to us, so I ask you to take into account all the comments sounded today, "said Alexander Kozlov.