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Biometric System Allows Mail Bank to “Understand” 5 Thousands of Fraudulent Credit Applications - EastRussia | Far East






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The biometric system has allowed the Post Bank to “see through” 5 thousands of fraudulent loan applications

The biometric system has allowed the Post Bank to “see through” 5 thousands of fraudulent loan applications

Mail Bank has saved millions of rubles of its customers through the introduction of a biometric system. Last year, 5 submitted thousands of fraudulent loan applications that were not issued only due to this innovation.

According to the Board, Pochta Bank is a pioneer of biometric identification not only of its customers, but also of its employees. Thanks to this system almost completely managed to eliminate fraud with fake or stolen passports. In the mobile application, clients self-confirm unconventional or suspicious transactions.

Unified biometric technology is one of the main infrastructure facilities of the industry. The problems of its implementation were discussed the day before during the International Financial Congress in St. Petersburg.

“The project of the Unified Biometric System (EBU) is being built on donors and acceptors, this is wrong. Donors are those banks that collect biometric templates into the system, and acceptors are those who open accounts using this technology and provide services. All banks want to collect templates, but not everyone wants to open an account and provide remote identification services, because it requires investment, restructuring of the mentality and adjustments to the legal part of the bank’s work, ”said Dmitry Rudenko, board representative of Post Bank, during the congress.

Nowadays, the units of banks accept the biometric template, and this is the main problem, Dmitry Rudenko is sure. He considers the second condition necessary for the development of the EBU to be the filling of the system with state and non-state services. If all departments recognize a single biometric template as an official signature, then it can be used to close any transaction and receive any service.