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EastRussia Bulletin: Auctions for fish investment have already collected almost half a hundred applications - EastRussia | Far East






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Bulletin EastRussia: Auctions for fish investment have collected almost half a hundred applications

Bulletin EastRussia: Auctions for fish investment have collected almost half a hundred applications
Photo: EastRussia
There is an active campaign for investment letters, all approved by 56 applications of applicants, of which 46 are allowed to participate in the auction for a decrease (11 projects were rejected), reads the next published issue of the EastRussia bulletin.

The Special Commission examined applications from applicants ready to implement projects for the construction of ships and shore plants, and also determined the list of applicants who will be granted the right to conclude an agreement on fixing quotas for investment purposes without auction procedures. As a result, six investment projects were approved for the construction of large-capacity vessels for the Far Eastern basin (an object of investment type "A"), which provides for the allocation of quotas of pollock and herring. These are the documents of the coastal companies "Mintay First", "New Seyval", "Novostroy", "New Voskhod", "RRPK Vostok".

Also, the Kamchatka company "Rybolovetsky kolkhoz im. IN AND. Lenin "was selected with the projects of three ships (an object of investment type" G-1 "). Provide such a fleet is assumed by the quotas of diversification in Eastern Kamchatka. The investment project of the Sakhalin company "Granis" was also selected, which assumes the creation of an investment object of the type "D-3" - a plant for processing low-capacity under the aquatic bioresources of the Northern Kuriles.

Most of the companies were admitted to the auction. The object of investment of type "M" - a factory for processing pollock and other fish of great power turned out to be popular. To the auction on the reduction are admitted the RK them. Lenin, the Fish canning factory "Commander", "Kamchattralflot", "Kuril fisherman", New World "(included in the Dobroflot Group), Vityaz-Avto, NBAMR, Russian pollock. In addition, the project on the type of investment type "O" (a factory for processing pollock and other small-size fish) of the Transfiguration Base of the Trawl Fleet (PBTF) has been approved. The auction for the fall is also expected in the case of projects for the construction of factories under the quotas of the diversification in Eastern Kamchatka (type G-3): the projects of the companies Ukinsky Liman and KZB-Donka are allowed.

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