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EastRussia Bulletin: environmental conflicts have aggravated the situation in Yakutia and Sakhalin - EastRussia | Far East






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EastRussia Bulletin: environmental conflicts have aggravated the situation in Yakutia and Sakhalin

EastRussia Bulletin: environmental conflicts have aggravated the situation in Yakutia and Sakhalin
Photo: EastRussia

Because of the emergence of environmental problems, the social situation worsened in Yakutia and the Sakhalin region. The accident at the ALROSA fields revealed claims of the population of Yakutia to the consequences of the company's activities in the region, reads the next published issue of the EastRussia bulletin. And on Sakhalin ecologists are afraid of redistribution of the boundaries of the regional specially protected natural area in favor of the TOP.

The accident at the ALROSA deposit led to environmental problems in Yakutia, which provoked discontent among the residents. The breakthrough of dams at the dragoon polygons of the Irelyakhskaya deposit led to the contamination of the rivers Irelyakh, Malaya Botuobuya and Viluy. The growth of people's discontent happened after the publication of the results of sampling: the content of pollutants in the water from the site of the breakthrough did not meet the standards, exceeding the permissible concentrations. As a result, residents of Yakutia accused the diamond mining company of creating prerequisites for an environmental disaster. Pollution of rivers has led to the fact that a number of settlements were left without drinking water.

In Nyurba, a group of indignant citizens held an unauthorized action, the result of which was an appeal to the authorities demanding the start of restoration work to clean up the pool, flora and fauna of the Vilyui River. Now, the verification of the circumstances of the incident is being carried out by specialized supervisory agencies. Another action was held in the village of Suntar. Both settlements stand on the banks of the affected rivers and among the first ones experienced the consequences of emergency. Among the causes of the incident is called the uncontrolled operation of dams, as well as record high for the region showers and past flooding.

On Sakhalin, the change in the boundaries of the PA led to a conflict between the regional authorities and local residents, environmentalists and scientists. The Regional Ministry of Forestry is going to change the boundaries of the regional protected areas, designed to protect the population of the Red Book lily Glen. Ecologists agreed that the main reason for adjusting the boundaries of the PAs is its proximity to the TOP "Mountain Air". In turn, the Ministry of Forestry is associated with plans to change the territory of protected areas with a shortage of personnel. As a result, it was decided to allocate a month for the collection of proposals, and then conduct an environmental assessment of the project.

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