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EastRussia Bulletin: Fishermen are dissatisfied with the deferment with distribution of investment stake shares - EastRussia | Far East






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Bulletin of EastRussia: Fishermen are dissatisfied with the delay with the distribution of investment shares

Bulletin of EastRussia: Fishermen are dissatisfied with the delay with the distribution of investment shares
Photo: EastRussia
Last week, the situation with the fishing industry was affected by the transfer of the distribution of the remaining ship's investment to pollock and herring for 2019 year, according to the next published issue of the EastRussia bulletin.

During the first application campaign, which was held until 7 December 2017, and the results were submitted 15 February 2018 year, applications for "ship" investment quotes for pollock and herring filed six companies ("Mintay First", "New Seyval", "Trinity Bay" , "Novostroy", "Novy Voshod" and "RRPK Vostok"), registered in Primorye Territory structures affiliated with the owners of the "Russian Fishery Company" (RRPK) - G. Frank and M. Vorobyov (now M. Vorobyov leaves the number of shareholders , and the company will almost completely belong to G. Frank). The RRPK structures announced their intention to build six large-capacity trawler-processors (object of investment type A), claiming in aggregate for an annual catch of 137 thousand tons of pollock and 22 thousand tons of herring. In the future, for the six companies of the holding, by order of the Federal Agency for Fisheries, corresponding quota shares were fixed.

Undistributed balance of the "ship" investment quotes for pollack and herring is about 125 thousand tons and 20 thousand tons, respectively. However, these limits will not be distributed to the 2018 campaign of the year - according to the provision on fixing the quota shares, their distribution is transferred to 2019 year. As a result, there is a formal reason to postpone the distribution, but the interpretation of the situation is ambiguous: "the quotas of extraction of aquatic biological resources for investment purposes that remain undistributed are subject to distribution in the year following the current year". However, it is unclear from which to count the year - the beginning of the application campaign in 2017 year or 2018 year, when the undistributed part of the investment quota was determined.

The current situation aroused dissatisfaction on the part of the fishing industry, including the members of the WARPPE association headed by G. Zverev. It should be noted that the investment quotes for pollock and herring are about 20% of the annual total allowable catch of these marketable fishery objects in the Far Eastern basin (or about 350 thousand tons of pollock and 55 thousand tons of Pacific herring). According to G. Zverev, market participants are interested in starting the construction of ships as soon as possible, and delaying the distribution of shares of the investment circle slows down the process. Anxiety of fish growers is caused by the fact that since 2021 the requirements to the construction of vessels for investment quotas have become tougher. In particular, it will be necessary to use Russian-made engines, which are not yet on the market. As a result, companies risk being left without ships.

The transfer of this process to 2019 year may be beneficial for the fishing companies that want to participate in the distribution, but can not yet find stalled places in the Russian shipyards. The Nakhodka Base of Active Sea Fishery (NNAMR, linked to the former governor of Primorye by S. Darkin) faced this problem, and plans to build three ships.

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