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EastRussia: RZD estimates bridge to Sakhalin in 3,5 times more expensive than Crimea - EastRussia | Far East






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EastRussia Bulletin: Russian Railways estimated the bridge to Sakhalin at 3,5 times more expensive than the Crimean

EastRussia Bulletin: Russian Railways estimated the bridge to Sakhalin at 3,5 times more expensive than the Crimean
Photo: EastRussia
Discussions continue on the implementation of a large-scale logistics project - the construction of a railway bridge between the mainland and Sakhalin. According to the updated feasibility study of the project of JSC Russian Railways, a possible construction will cost 3,5 times more expensive than the construction of the newly opened Crimean bridge, reads the next published issue of the EastRussia bulletin.

In the company, the project is estimated at 540,3 billion rubles. (of which the bridge itself costs 252,8 billion rubles), in addition, it is necessary to spend 92,1 billion rubles. to modernize the railway tracks on the island. The funds are partially state-owned - 100 billion rubles. from the federal budget, 90 billion rubles. from the Development Fund of the Far East (FRDV), 60 billion rubles. from the Corporation for Development of the Sakhalin Region. At the same time, the FRGF has not yet commented on this information. The route from the Selikhino station on the Komsomolsk-on-Amur-Vanino line to the narrowest point of the Tatar Strait (the Nevelsky Strait) and further to the station Nysh on Sakhalin is recognized as the best. The total length will be 585 km, including a bridge of length 6 km. It is expected that the design work will take three years (2018-2020 years), construction - five years (2019-2023 years).

The RZD specifies that the parameters are preliminary, the project is still under development. The issue of the cargo base, which is still small, remains unclear. Given the lack of development of port capacities of Sakhalin to 2030, it is estimated to reach only 8,5 million tons.

For this reason, it is also planned to build a new deep-sea port to attract up to 23,4 million tons of cargo from the Eastern landfill, to 10 million tons of coal from China and Mongolia and up to 5 million tons of container cargo. In RZhD, as an optimal option, the port is considered in the vicinity of Delangli Bay (Ilinsky settlement). The total cost of the project is estimated at 100 billion rubles, of which 25-30 billion rubles. is provided for the infrastructure for coal transshipment. At the same time, the investor has not yet been determined. Industry experts, however, note that the construction of a large port in the absence of free volumes of coal, not tied to the ports of dispatch, and with insufficient capacity utilization of the port of Vanino is premature. Recall that the bridge project for Sakhalin is included in the investment program of Russian Railways, in 2018, 1 billion rubles have been allocated for design work.

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