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EastRussia Bulletin: With the new head of the Ministry of Agriculture, the idea of ​​crab auctions is possible - EastRussia | Far East






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Bulletin EastRussia: With the new head of the Ministry of Agriculture, the idea of ​​crab auctions

Bulletin EastRussia: With the new head of the Ministry of Agriculture, the idea of ​​crab auctions
Photo: EastRussia
The key topics in the Far Eastern fishing industry are the prospects for crab auctions and salmon conservation during spawning, the new Minister of Agriculture D. Patrushev is showing active - while he is getting acquainted with the situation and does not make decisions, the EastRussia bulletin says in a regular publication. Last year, salmon fishing was a failure for Sakhalin and the Khabarovsk Territory, in turn Kamchatka seeks to maintain high catch rates this year due to the limitation of production times for other regions.

The new head of the Ministry of Agriculture held an introductory meeting on the development of the fishery complex with the participation of industry associations - the All-Russian Association of Fisheries Enterprises, Entrepreneurs and Exporters (WWARP), the Union of North Fishing Fishers, the Far East Crab Producers Association, the Primorye Fishery Companies Association, and the Union of Western Fish Fishers. The discussion centered around the preservation of the historical principle and the possible introduction of auctions for crab quotas - one of the most scandalous topics of the industry. The position of D. Patrushev on this issue remains unknown. His predecessor A. Tkachev spoke in support of crab auctions, despite extensive criticism from several other ministries and industry representatives. At the same time, following the results of the meeting, D. Patrushev asked the associations to provide information on the negative social and economic consequences of using auctions as the only way to grant the right to extract aquatic biological resources. In this connection, with the new minister, a revision of the issue in favor of preserving the historical principle is possible.

As for the position of other departments, the Ministry of Economic Development came to the conclusion that the transition to auctions for crab mining would have a negative effect. The Ministry refers to the experience of holding auctions in 2002-2003 years, as a result of which the investment in the fixed capital of the fishing industry decreased almost threefold compared to the 2000 year, and the profitability of the industry dropped from 8% to negative indicators, as well as to the positive effect of the historical principle (investments in fixed assets from 3,1 billion rubles in 2004 increased to 20,1 billion rubles in 2016 year, the industry's profitability from 3,7% in 2004 to 61% in 2016). They also oppose the Ministry of Industry and Trade, where they note that due to auctions, shipbuilding will be seriously underfunded.

Support for auctions in the meantime is typical for Rosrybolovstva, FAS and "Russian Fishery Company" (RRPC G. Frank), one of the most active and politically influential industry players. However, in Rosrybolovstvo, the prospects for future investments, the procedure for taxation, the process of holding possible auctions, did not work in detail, which causes criticism of opponents of the proposed changes.

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