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Oil production increased in Sakhalin region by 11,9% - EastRussia | Far East






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Oil production increased in the Sakhalin region by 11,9%

According to the results of the socio-economic development of the island region in January, the gross regional product, according to estimates, reached 68 billion rubles. This is 108% relative to the first month of last year.

Oil production increased in the Sakhalin region by 11,9%
As the press service of the regional government reports, the volume of industrial production amounted to 61,3 billion rubles or 108,5%.

Oil production, including gas condensate, amounted to 1,6 million tons, an increase of 11,9%. Gas production - 2,6 billion cubic meters, at the level of January 2015 of the year.

The result of the work of coal enterprises - 213 thousand tons of fuel (75,5%). The main reason for the decline in production is the lack of sales due to unfavorable ice conditions.

The catch of fish and seafood (according to SKTU Rosrybolovstvo) amounted to 72,2 thousand tons or 127%. Recycled 45,4 thousand tons (123,5%).

In general, the region has seen an increase in the production of heat and electrical energy, fuel oil, timber, structures and parts of reinforced concrete, nonmetallic building materials, furniture, meat and offal, butter and whole milk products, soft drinks and mineral water.

Output of agricultural products - 183,6 million rubles (119,3%). The rise is associated with a significant increase in meat production (by 56%). The growth of milk production (by 3 percent) and eggs (by 12,4%) is maintained. The number of pigs increased (by 43,5%), birds (by 11%) and cattle (by 0,2%). The average milk yield per cow increased by 1,2 percent.

Commissioned 16,4 thousands of square meters of housing. This is 45,4 percent lower than the same period last year. The reduction in volume is due to a decrease in the number of moving objects (from five in January 2015 of the year to two in January of 2016 of the year). The volume of contract work increased by 3,9%, it amounted to 4,1 billion rubles.

The consumer price index was at the level of 107,4%.

The volume of paid services decreased by 4,3%, the volume of retail turnover - by 3,4 percent, the turnover of public catering - by 10,9%. The current situation is associated with a slowdown in consumer demand.
The average monthly salary per employee is estimated at 61,5 thousand rubles. It increased by 5,2%.

The level of registered unemployment is 0,8%. Growth by 0,1 percentage points.