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Coal production in the Amur region plans to increase by 5% in 2016g "Amurugol" - EastRussia | Far East






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Coal production in the Amur region is planned to increase by 5% in 2016g "Amurugol"

At 5% plans to increase coal production at enterprises of the Amur Region of JSC "Amurugol" in 2016 year

Special project Coal of the East of Russia
This was announced to journalists by the company's CEO Nikolai Kalashnikov.

"According to the enterprise, we plan to extract 3 million 200 thousand tons of coal this year. In relation to the previous year, the growth is within 5% to the target figure. Our main consumer is the energy sector of the Amur region, in particular, the Blagoveshchenskaya CHPP and Raichikhinskaya GRES, "N. Kalashnikov said.

According to him, taking into account the commissioning of the second phase of Blagoveshchenskaya CHP, the enterprise will annually increase the amount of consumption to 100 thousand tons of coal per year. In the long-term perspective, production at Amurughly will grow to 4 million tons - "depending on the needs of the thermal power plant in the capital of the Amur region".
"Almost all the coal that we mine is distributed - there is no" zatarenosti ". Immediately from the wheels - to the freight cars and to the consumer, "- added the head of JSC" Amurugol ".

The reserves of the North-Eastern section (Raychikhinskoe deposit), where higher quality coal is mined (caloric value from 3 thousand to 3,2 thousand), make up about 15 million tons, Interfax notes.

"Given that in the year we mine here for 1 million tons, the work will be sufficient only for the next 15 years. As it is being worked out, the center of gravity will be transferred to the Yerkovets field, where there are more than 2 billion tons of reserves, "Kalashnikov also said.

The calorific value of coal from the Yerkovetsky open-pit mine is lower than on the Northeast coal - about 2,8 thousand. The production capacity of the Erkovetsky open-pit mine is 2,5 million tons of coal per year. A special feature of the Erkovetsky mine is the preliminary drainage of the coal seam before its extraction and shipment, since there is a high level of groundwater flow in this place, and since the extraction is carried out by the open method, it is necessary to filter precipitation.

"We have an OTC service, which is responsible for the quality of the shipped coal. Every day, questions from consumers - less in this regard. At the Yerkovetskoye field, last year we commissioned 20 additional wells for pumping water, which allowed us to increase the quality of coal from this field, "assured Bilan Uzhakhov, the head of Russian Coal.
Amurugol also conducts open coal mining at the Kontaktovy site at the Ogodzhinskoye field. The annual production volume is 30 thousand tons. "It is limited by the fact that there is no market in the Amur region, since the main part of the boiler-houses is designed for using brown coal as fuel. In addition, the infrastructure is not developed, "N. Kalashnikov explained.

Earlier it was reported that the development of the Sugodinsko-Ogodzhinsky coal deposit in the Amur Region in the coming 25 years will be handled by Ogodzhinsk Coal Company (the structure of Rostec's subsidiary). Amurugol plans to enter the share and take part in the development of infrastructure in the area of ​​the field together with the main investor.

JSC "Russian Coal" was established in February 2009 year. The total balance reserves of coal developed by "Russian coal" deposits are 904,1 million tons. Production assets of the company are located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khakassia, Kemerovo and Amur regions.