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Rain destroyed roads in almost all areas of Khabarovsk - EastRussia | Far East






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Rain destroyed roads in almost all areas of Khabarovsk

Rain destroyed roads in almost all areas of Khabarovsk

In Khabarovsk, after heavy rains, roads were damaged in almost all areas of the city. And both on the main highways, and on secondary streets.

According to the press service of the mayor's office, specialists have so far examined about 30 city routes. The number of identified potholes and damage promises road workers a lot of repair work. It will be necessary to restore the canvas in an emergency, immediately after the onset of dry weather. The priority is the route along which public transport is moving.

And while rainfall continues in Khabarovsk, experts predict that the damage caused by the rain flood will increase. Until the road workers began to repair them, citizens are advised to exercise caution when boarding and leaving public transport.

The Khabarovsk Territory collapsed cyclone from Mongolia. It will rain until 23 of August. Due to precipitation, water levels are projected to increase in small rivers, including in the Podkhorenok river near the village of Dormidontovka. The water level will rise to the level of 560-580 cm (dangerous level - 620 cm). In the Lazo region, the flood situation will be complicated on the Kiya River near the village of Pereyaslavka. In the Khabarovsk district - on the rivers Urmi, Kur and Tunguska.