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Two investment projects in Chukotka increased industrial production by 182,8% - EastRussia | Far East






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Two investment projects in Chukotka increased industrial production by 182,8%

In 2014 in Chukotka, the implementation of two investment projects ensured the growth of industrial production by 182,8%. This was announced by the Russian Minister for Development of the Far East Alexander Galushka at a meeting in Yakutsk with Russian President Vladimir Putin, during which the head of state discussed issues of socio-economic development of the Far Eastern Federal District.

According to the minister, who in his report focused on the key priorities that can ensure the recovery of the economy of the Far East, all 18 investment projects selected by the agency for implementation have point and very specific problems.

- We have very thoroughly and thoroughly all these problems structured and formed the corresponding plans for the implementation of each of the projects, - Alexander Galushka noted. - Removing infrastructure constraints actually prints, launches these 18 largest investment projects.

He recalled that the implementation of projects will allow the Far East to get 2,5 trillion rubles in private investment, and thanks to the creation of advanced development areas, the GRP indicator will be doubled in 10 years.

- Chukotka is a practical real-life example that we are seeing today, ”stressed Alexander Galushka. - Thanks to the implementation of two major investment projects this year, industrial production in the district is growing by 182,8%. This is not the Kaluga region, which is often cited as an example, it is the Chukotka Autonomous Region, where the average temperature is from –4 to –14 per year.

The Minister stressed that Chukotka is also a positive exception for a number of demographic indicators of the Far Eastern Federal District.

- The demographic feature of the Far East is the natural increase in the population, the birth rate exceeds the death rate as a whole for the Far Eastern Federal District, but there is still a migration outflow. So from the nine subjects of the Far East in Chukotka, we have, on the contrary, a migration flow of the population, - Alexander Galushka compared, noting that for six months 305 people came to the Chukotka Autonomous District thanks to new, created jobs.

- The example of Chukotka, which is far from the most favorable region due to the natural and climatic conditions, is not only in the Far East, but in the country in general, shows that all this can be done, such a development model is realizable. - It is necessary to take up individually and precisely every investment project, disassemble it in detail, understand all its problems and bring it from beginning to end, the minister concluded.

As the governor of Chukotka, Roman Kopin, noted, in addition to the climatic difficulties, the district has a number of other infrastructure restrictions, including transport and energy, but the Okrug government is working to resolve these problems, the region's press service reported.

- Yes, Chukotka has some nuances - with transport accessibility, energy. These are large-scale questions, because you need to understand that they will not be solved in one day. We are working progressively on this. We expect that the Ministry of Energy Development and the Ministry of Energy will support our proposal to unite the Chukotka and Magadan energy systems, which will make it possible to use relatively inexpensive energy from the Ust-Srednekanskaya hydroelectric station, and therefore reduce electricity tariffs for the public and investors. The project requires significant financial investments, but this is a long-term perspective and it has good justifications. Regarding the transport issue - we also have a number of solutions that work in the region, ”commented Roman Kopin.

The governor added that at present two more major investment projects are being prepared for implementation in the Chukotka Autonomous District - the Bering coal basin and the Baim ore zone. The second is the most ambitious, in particular, it provides for the development of the airport, port, road infrastructure, construction of the GOK.