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FEFU expands environmental impact study project - EastRussia | Far East






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FEFU expands the project of research of influence of exhaust gases on ecology

FEFU scientists are expanding a project to study the effects of car exhaust on urban ecology, in addition to passenger cars, research will be extended to motorcycles, buses, heavy trucks, water and rail transport, the university said. Samples are collected in cities of the Russian Federation and Europe; large industrial centers of China and the Republic of Korea are connected to the project.

“We successfully conducted the first part of the research and decided to expand the project to other types of urban transport in order to get a comprehensive picture. The problem of clean air worries residents of all cities, especially in developing countries with many businesses. Our project has already attracted the attention of Asian colleagues, who offered to conduct research in the industrial centers of China and Korea, ”says the commentary of the project manager, President of the European Toxicologists Association (Eurotox) Aristidis Tsatsakis. It is reported that an international network of scientists is working on the project in several large cities of Russia, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Romania. Already received several thousand samples of particulate emissions, which contain toxic substances, soot, various metals, rare earth elements, including in the form of nanoparticles. Under laboratory conditions, their composition, properties, and cell and animal responses to these substances are carefully studied.

The first announced results show that new cars are no less dangerous for the environment than older models with high mileage and engine wear. Carbon nanofibres, which are found in large quantities in the exhaust, reduce the behavioral functions and cognitive activity of laboratory rats. New data on the effect of exhaust on the manifestation of various allergic reactions. “For the adoption of cardinal decisions in the field of regulation of pollution standards, a weighty scientific rationale is needed. Only after examining the problem from different sides and fixing these results, Eurotox will be able to turn to government agencies with a proposal to correct the current legislation and fuel standards, ”the Tsatsakis press service quotes.

The main platform for the work of scientists in FEFU is the Nanotechnology Research and Education Center of the School of Engineering. The project is supported by a grant from the Russian Science Foundation and is designed to 2018 year.