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Ecologist: prisoners of the whale prison are waiting for new tests - EastRussia | Far East






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Ecologist: prisoners of the whale prison waiting for new tests

Ecologist: prisoners of the whale prison waiting for new tests

In the Far East, proceedings are continuing on prisoners of the "whale prison" in Primorye. Killer whale and beluga owners are not going to release them voluntarily, and social activists predict new tests for them - this time with warmth.

In conclusion, mammals are already eight months old, they had to spend the winter in close enclosures. Because of this, some skin lesions appeared, three individuals disappeared. Environmentalists believe they died. With the arrival of summer, killer whales and white whales will have new problems.

“If the animals remain in the whale prison, a new test awaits them — warm. These animals are accustomed to certain ambient temperatures and they tolerate both very low and high water temperatures. Now it is actively warming, and in warm water, pathogenic organisms are actively developing, which are just as dangerous for these animals, ”said Dmitry Lisitsyn, head of the public organization Sakhalin Environment Watch, EastRussia.

According to the ecologist, the animals could have been released much earlier, but this did not happen, because none of the interested departments had submitted a similar request to the court, only the public figures decided to do so. Today began in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk consideration of a claim on challenging the decision of the Rosrybolovstvo to allocate catch quotas in 2018 for these animals, as well as on forcing Rosprirodnadzor to seize mammals and their release. The case will continue on Monday, May 27.