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Environmentalists fear that prisoners of the “whale prison” will be released in Primorye - EastRussia | Far East






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Ecologists fear that the prisoners of the "whale prison" will be released in Primorye

Ecologists fear that the prisoners of the "whale prison" will be released in Primorye

Today in Moscow at the Institute of problems of ecology and evolution of them. Severtsov will hold a meeting of the council, which will finally decide the fate of the killer whales and the white whales of their "whale prison" in Primorye. Environmentalists have information that the meeting participants intend to insist on the release of animals in the period of 18-20 in May right on the spot - in Srednyaya Bay. Activists believe that this is contrary to the recommendations of an independent international expert group, united under the auspices of the Cousteau team.

International and Russian experts point out that it is impossible to let out killer whales and belugas directly from the "whale prison" - they will not be able to find their own food, since they will be in an unusual environment, in unfamiliar conditions. At the same time, experts fear that the animals, which in recent months have been intensively preparing for life in dolphinariums and fed from their hands, will simply return to the enclosures after the release. After this, trappers will be able to declare that killer whales and beluga whales are not able to return to life in natural conditions.

As the head of the NGO Sakhalin Environmental Watch, Dmitry Lisitsyn, told EastRussia, at the end of last year, the deputy commander of the Pacific Fleet declared his readiness to help with transporting killer whales and beluga whales to their places of release. Today, the representative of the Pacific Fleet, deputy chief of the auxiliary fleet of the Pacific Fleet Alexander Shekhunov, who was previously identified as the responsible person for the preparation of this operation, said that the fleet is still willing to help and can consider a specific technical task describing all parameters of transporting killer whales.

In April, Jean-Michel Cousteau stated that all animals from the Medium Bay can be rehabilitated and set free. Russian scientists agreed with this, they recommended releasing killer whales and belugas in places where mammals were caught in the north-western part of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, in Shantarsky district. On the eve of the Primorye authorities stated that killer whales and beluga whites are planned to be released during one to two months.