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Environmentalists fear for killer whales and belugas due to poor road to the sea - EastRussia | Far East






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Environmentalists fear for killer whales and belugas because of the bad road to the sea

Environmentalists fear for killer whales and belugas because of the bad road to the sea
Photo: VNIRO

Two killer whales and six belugas from the “whale prison” in Primorye are once again waiting for transportation on the highway. Environmentalists fear for the lives of animals, as they may not be able to bear the final leg of the journey because of a bad road.

The night before, the animals were delivered across the Amur to the village of Innokentievka, Khabarovsk Territory. Marine mammals were again overloaded to the bathrooms in order to be transported by cars to the base in the area of ​​Cape Perovsky on the shores of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. There they will again be placed in the aviary, this time for rehabilitation before release. According to environmentalists, this database belongs to Alexander Bronnikov, one of the cetacean catch business owners. It is from this base that animals will be released into the wild.

“The big problem is that the road from Innokentievka to Cape Perovsky is very bad, moreover, it rained there all June and the road was very blurred. There is a threat that not all animals will transfer this most difficult part of the road, ”Dmitry Lisitsyn, head of the Sakhalin Environmental Watch public organization, told East Russia.

On Government procurement Information on the cost of services of trapping companies in preparing for the release and transportation of animals is posted. The total amount for the release of two orcas and six belugas was 38 240 000 rubles. Contracts for the carriage of killer whales were concluded with Oceanarium DV LLC for 20 million rubles, and for the carriage of belugas for 18 240 000 rubles - with the White Whale, Afalina, Sochi Dolphinarium. All these companies court previously fined for violations when catching animals.

Release operation prisoners of the "whale prison" began on June 20. The first to be released were two killer whales and six belugas. They will be released in the Shantar Islands, where they were caught almost a year ago. In total, a large-scale operation to release prisoners of the “whale prison” will take about four months. The animals will be released by the formed groups so that they adapt faster in the wild.