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Experts questioned the quality of aircraft SSJ 100

Experts questioned the quality of aircraft SSJ 100

The Ministry of Transport of Russia did not find any reasons for suspending flights of Komsomol Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ 100) after the tragedy at Sheremetyevo Airport. The main reason for the incident is tentatively considered a piloting error, but a number of experts believe that mistakes made during certification of the aircraft could lead to the tragedy.

One of the leading experts of the aviation industry on condition of anonymity told "Moskovsky Komsomol"that the “Aviation Rules of the Russian Federation” in the “Airworthiness Standards of an Aircraft in the Transport Category” states that the landing gear system should be designed so that in the event of their destruction there is no leakage from any part of the fuel system. According to the expert, the destruction that occurred as a result of a hard landing at SSJ100 in Sheremetyevo does not comply with airworthiness standards. It becomes unclear how the aircraft passed certification.

The general director of the Russian-European consulting company REK Aerospace, the chief designer of the amphibious aircraft Be-200, the honorable aircraft manufacturer of Russia, Alexander Yavkin, agrees with this. He questions the mistakes in the pilot's actions as the main version of the disaster and draws attention to the failed equipment after a lightning strike. The aircraft must be protected from accidental and catastrophic effects of lightning and static electricity, but equipment failure, which played a critical role in further events, has occurred.

“This could happen either because of the insufficiently deep level of work carried out during the type certification process, and because of possible deviations from the typical design during the manufacture of this aircraft in production,” said Alexander Yavkin.

The disaster occurred on 5 in May, the aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 airline "Aeroflot" emergency landed and caught fire. Onboard were 78 people, 41 people died. Piloting error is considered the main cause of the incident and the investigators. They assume that cause of disaster there could also be insufficient qualifications of pilots and controllers, technical malfunction or adverse weather conditions. At the same time, the investigation did not confirm evacuation problems due to hand luggage.