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SSJ100 exports to Europe opened after Italy recognizes aircraft equipment certification - EastRussia | Far East






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Export of SSJ100 to Europe is open after Italy recognizes aviation equipment of the Russian Federation

Vera in Rome, the head of the Rosaviation, Alexander Neradko, and the head of the Italian National Aviation Administration (ENAC), Alesio Quarante, signed a schedule for implementing the bilateral agreement on maintaining the airworthiness of the SSJ-100 aircraft, which is part of the Bilateral Agreement between the two countries in maintaining airworthiness from 1989 year, the report said Rosaviatsii. The document formalizes the recognition of the Italian side of the certification system for the production of aircraft in Russia and allows for the uninterrupted export of SSJ-100 to European customers.

“We managed to coordinate our positions and prepare the text of the procedures in a very short time - in less than two years. At the same time, export shipments of SSJ-2015 to Italy did not fail for a single day from 100. From today, our relationship is further formalized. The signed document strengthens bilateral cooperation, fully meets the interests of the Russian aviation industry, and is the key to the successful development of domestic aircraft export abroad, ”the message says Alexander Neradko at the signing ceremony. It is reported that now ENAC "freely accepts the export certificate of airworthiness of the aircraft SSJ-100 (RRJ-95) issued by the Federal Air Transport Agency". In addition, the document regulates the supply of components for the aircraft, as well as the interaction of Rosaviatsia and ENAC in terms of the exchange of information on production aspects.

The signing of the document cancels the previously existing timetable for the implementation of the agreement, signed between ENAC and IAC AR in 2013. The authority to certify aviation equipment, as well as the approval of developers and manufacturers in the Russian Federation, was transferred to Rosaviatsiya, respectively, in November 2015 of the year and in October of 2016.

According to Rosaviation, 2011 of SSJ-100 aircraft was put into operation since 105 year (from the beginning of SSJ-100 production by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft company). In total, the aircraft carried more than 230 thousand commercial flights lasting over 340 thousand flight hours. Including 28 machines delivered to the airline InterJet (Mexico), six - to CityJet (Ireland), and one to Malta.

In accordance with the general agreement between the Italian Alenia and PJSC "Sukhoi", the GSS supplies "green planes" to Venice (without interior of the passenger cabin, without painting). There Superjet International (SJI) establishes interiors developed by SJI jointly with Alenia and Pininfarina, after which it transfers planes to customers in Europe and Mexico.