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The Far East Development Fund orders the Center for International Cooperation in Russian - EastRussia | Far East






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The Development Fund of the Far East orders the concept of the Center for International Cooperation in Russian

Last week, the Development Fund for the Far East published a purchase for the development of a preliminary architectural and town-planning concept of the Center for International Cooperation on the Russian Island in Vladivostok. The maximum cost of services is 6 million rubles, the work must be carried out before the end of this year. Purchase is made in the form of a request for proposals

This project is one of the first steps to implement the Concept for the Development of the Russian Island, approved in June by the Government of Russia. The terms of reference of the procurement documentation states that the Center for International Cooperation on the Russian Island of Primorsky Territory is a project for the integrated development of the territory, providing for the construction of a convention and exhibition center, hotels, offices, commercial real estate, residential and social infrastructure. Under the implementation of the considered area of ​​the total area of ​​175 hectares in the Bay of Paris area.

In accordance with the documentation, the congress and exhibition center (20 thousand square meters), a shopping and entertainment complex with a sports center (70 thousand square meters), a medical center (10 thousand square meters) should be located on this square, international school and kindergarten (20 thous. sq. m.) and office space (29,7 th. sq. m.). Special attention is paid to housing: the concept should take into account the construction of a hotel complex on 315 rooms, 990 affordable small apartments for long stays and 132 business-class apartments. Marked and requirements for real estate for sale: 325 cottages and town houses, as well as 1710 condominiums. It is assumed that all of the listed volume will be built in 2018 – 2021.

The second phase of implementation (2021 – 2025 years) envisages an increase in the stock of office space (by 60,3 thous. Sq. M), hotel rooms (by 185 pcs.), Small apartments (by 2010 pcs.) And business class apartments (by 268 pcs. .). It is assumed and the new volume of real estate for sale: another 375 cottages and town houses, as well as another 2790 condominiums.

The terms of reference also noted that one of the versions of the concept should be presented at the WEF-2017 in September of this year.