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FRDV presents a new online service for investors in aquaculture at VEF-2017 - EastRussia | Far East






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FRDV presented to VEF-2017 a new online service for investors in aquaculture

The Far East Development Fund (FEFD) presented an online service for investors in aquaculture at the 3rd Eastern Economic Forum (VEF-2017), demonstrating potential water areas available to potential investors in the Far Eastern Fisheries Basin, the Fund's Public Relations Department said.

Reportedly, as of September 6, about 23,5 million hectares in the waters of the 12-mile zone of the Far East seas (mainly Sakhalin Oblast and Primorsky Krai), which are not burdened with any restrictions, are available for creating mariculture plantations. After the adoption of draft resolutions of the government of the Russian Federation developed by the fund, the investor will be able to determine the location of the site, its area based on their own ideas about resource suitability, economic efficiency and technological capabilities, rather than waiting for the decision of the officials, as before. According to preliminary estimates, in the next three years about a 100 thousand hectares of the studied area will be distributed using the new service.

The new geo-information system provides for the use of the most advanced modern technologies for conducting competitive bidding for the right to use fish plots - auctions in electronic form. In contrast to the current procedure for creating and distributing fish plots, which often takes more than six months and, as a rule, with a negative result for the investor, the new approach developed by the Fund will take about 70 days from the moment of creating the plot on the interactive map and concluding an agreement to use such a plot.

The new model of aquaculture development creates the prerequisites for the emergence of real competition at the auction, eliminates the possibility of collusion. Automated and the process of notification of investors and investors accredited on the electronic platform.

Launched into trial operation a new online service for investors in aquaculture is free. The database on promising areas of aquaculture is digitized, plotted on a cartographic basis and will be donated to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Rosrybolovstvo and Minvostokrazvitiya. Currently, necessary changes are made to the legislation, which will allow to automate and simplify the formal procedures as much as possible. After the government issued the necessary regulatory and legal acts, the system will be put into commercial operation.