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Prosecutor General’s Office approved charges against former head of TINRO-Center in Primorye and his subordinates - EastRussia | Far East






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The Prosecutor General’s Office approved the charges against the former head of the TINRO-Center in Primorye and his subordinates

Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Tkachev approved the indictments of the former director of the Pacific Fisheries Research Center and his first deputy, as well as a subordinate who was also the founder of a commercial organization. They are accused of abuse of office and complicity in this.

According to investigators, in 2015, the head of the TINRO-Center and his first deputy deliberately ignored the established procedure for conducting competitive procedures for catching marine animals for state purposes. For the development of quotas, they transferred the permissions allocated to the Center of one of the coastal firms, which were led by their subordinate. As the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office reports, after the company captured sea animals, the defendants imitated holding tenders and transferred 13,5 million rubles to the company.

The Deputy Prosecutor General filed a lawsuit in court to recover the damage caused. During the investigation, the accused reimbursed 13,1 million rubles. In the near future, criminal cases will be sent to the Frunze District Court of Vladivostok.

Because of these frauds, community activists from the Freedom to Killer Whale and Beluga whites coalition are asking the Russian government to hand over to the Russian Academy of Sciences the coordination of the release of cetaceans from Srednyaya Bay in Primorye. For VNIRO and TINRO ask keep only consultative statusSince these organizations in the process will seriously prevent a conflict of interest. Social activists believe that the activities of VNIRO and TINRO, by definition, are focused on the development and provision of commercial live-life cetaceans.