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Trucks over 12 tons will bring price increases to Sakhalin - EastRussia | Far East






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Trucks weighing more than 12 tons will bring Sakhalin prices up

The Ministry of Transport of the Sakhalin Region recommends preparing for an increase in prices in the area, which will inevitably lead to the charging of trucks with a maximum permissible weight exceeding 12 tons, while traveling on federal routes

Trucks weighing more than 12 tons will bring Sakhalin prices up
“In any case, all costs that these companies will incur additionally, driving thousands of kilometers of federal roads on the mainland of Russia, they will be compensated by the consumer. Therefore, the cost of cargo delivery to Sakhalin will increase, ”said Gennady Kotlikov, Deputy Minister of Transport and Roads of the Sakhalin Region.

He said that the local carriers for this innovation "have a certain discontent," but they are not planning to block roads on Sakhalin. There are only two federal highways on Sakhalin - Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - Korsakov (its length is 50 km) and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - Kholmsk (a bit more than 100 km). “These are not so big“ shoulders ”in length and not so big expenses, - he explained.

But the whole paradox, he noted, is that two thirds of the trucks that deliver consumer goods, building materials, equipment from the mainland to Sakhalin via the ferry, belong to transport companies on the mainland, including companies in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Those containers that are transported by cargo ships from Vladivostok to Sakhalin are also delivered to Vladivostok by wagons from other regions of the country, Interfax reports.

According to G. Kotlikov, there is another nuance that may affect the growth of tariffs. This is what carriers will have to keep in their accounts the sums that will be automatically calculated to the state income for kilometers of federal highways passed by waggons.

"That is a large transport company where they work 50 - 60 cars and more, we are talking about several million rubles, which must be constantly on the account so that the company does not fall under penalties (if the account does not have funds for the kilometers traveled). That is, she needs somewhere to look for free money that cannot be touched on the account and put into circulation. Bank loans for these purposes today will not take, there is interest rates for 20% per annum. And these will also be certain costs for companies, ”the deputy minister noted.

As it was reported, on Wednesday in many regions of Russia there were protest actions against charging fees for the compensation of damage caused to federal public roads by vehicles having an allowed maximum weight in excess of 12 tons. This initiative takes effect on November 15.

The tariff system for charging trucks weighing more than 12 tons when driving on federal public roads to February 29 2016 will be set at 1,53 rubles per kilometer traveled, from March 1 2016 to December 31 2018.

It is assumed that truckers will pay the fare in advance, paying a fee through the system "Plato". At the same time, it is necessary to record the distance traveled by a truck with the help of a special device, which must be installed at its own expense. If such a device is not in the cockpit of the truck, the traffic police can fine the driver for 40 thousand rubles, legal entities - for 450 thousand rubles.