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Governor of Khabarovsk Territory Approves New Structure of Regional Government - EastRussia | Far East






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The governor of the Khabarovsk Territory approved the new structure of the regional government

The governor of the Khabarovsk Territory, Sergei Furgal, approved the new structure of the regional government. Several ministries will be transformed into committees, a new ministry will also appear - investment development and entrepreneurship. Employees and some of the functions of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Investment and Land and Property Policy (MIZIP) will be handed over to him.

To make proposals for the maximum staffing, as well as staffing, the personnel services should be up to 20 in November. There will not be many cuts, although earlier Sergei Furgal stated that he could not do without it, as well as without reducing the cost of maintaining the bureaucracy. It will take almost a month to pay it back.

The new ministry will be given the functions of the ministry of international and interregional cooperation, which will be abolished, as well as the Ministry of Justice and the permanent mission of the region in St. Petersburg. It will not be in the structure of the main security department of the governor and the government, the main directorate of the press service, the departments for interaction with municipalities, or family policy. In addition, Sergei Furgal abolished eight departments and two sectors.

There are no more ministers on the issue of the “Far Eastern hectare”, trade, domestic policy, international and interregional cooperation, justice, the head of the secretariat. The governor abolished the posts of the four first deputies and ten ordinary deputies.

The Ministry of Investment and Land and Property Policy will be renamed the Ministry of Property Relations, and the Ministry of Agricultural Production and Rural Development will be the Ministry of Agriculture. The committee of regional state control and licensing will remain without the prefix "regional".

A committee of project management and state programs will appear in the regional government, which will receive the functions of the Ministry of Economic Development. From the structure of the Ministry of Culture will allocate management on tourism. The Ministry of Internal Policy will be turned into an information policy and mass communications committee. The recently established Ministry of Commerce, Food and Processing Industry will become a committee. The main department for interaction with law enforcement agencies and the department of protocol and organizational support will appear in the structure of the government.

The governor will have two first deputies - the usual one and with the combination of the post of the minister of finance, the deputies on issues of domestic policy, security and interaction with federal bodies of state power, as well as on social issues. Deputy Ministers will also be investment development and agriculture. The regional government will no longer be the first deputy chairman for economic issues, domestic policy issues, investment and priority projects, the head of representation in the government of the country. Also, the governor found that the vice-governor and the first deputies can not have more than two assistants.