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Governor of the Magadan Region Vladimir Pecheny doubts the advisability of supplying the region with Yakut liquefied gas - EastRussia | Far East






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Governor of Magadan Region Vladimir Pechenyi doubts the expediency of supplying the region with Yakut liquefied gas

The Governor of Magadan Oblast, Vladimir Pechenyi, doubts the expediency of supplying the region with Yakutian liquefied gas, as Gazprom Promgaz plans - much more promising for him is the supply of gas from the Sakhalin deposits

Governor of Magadan Region Vladimir Pechenyi doubts the expediency of supplying the region with Yakut liquefied gas
“This scheme is both closer and cheaper. We understand that most of the gas produced on Sakhalin has already been contracted, but besides commercial benefits, there are also state objectives, such as gasification of the regions, ”said V. Pechenyy.

As for the delivery of gas from neighboring Yakutia, this option, according to V.Pecheny, "is very expensive, given the long distances, the harsh climatic conditions, the condition of the Magadan-Yakutsk highway."

The meeting was devoted to this topic, in which representatives of OAO Gazprom Promgaz, interested departments and enterprises of the region participated. One of the proposed options of Gazprom Promgaz is to supply the region with liquefied gas, which will be delivered from plants located in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), according to the Information Policy Directorate of the Government of the Magadan Region.

However, Governor Vladimir Pecheny expressed doubt about the expediency of such a gas transportation route. In his opinion, the supply of the Magadan region with gas from the Sakhalin fields by sea transport seems to be much more promising.
"This will affect the final cost of gas, and consumers in the Magadan region will not be able to take advantage of its main advantage - cheapness," the head of the region added.

According to the information policy department, the general scheme of gas supply and gasification of the Magadan region was developed by Gazprom Promgaz in 2008. In the 2015 year, in accordance with the resolution of Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Board of PJSC Gazprom, Gazprom Promgaz began to carry out work on the adjustment of the scheme.

According to Igor Tversky, director of the Scientific and Technical Center "Regional Gas Supply Systems" of OAO Gazprom Promgaz, the words of which are given in the message, various options for gasification and gas supply in the Magadan Region have been considered as part of the scheme development.

Among the proposed options for gas supply: development of a regional hydrocarbon resource base; the use of liquefied natural gas imported from other regions; underground coal gasification; gas supply imported liquefied hydrocarbon gas.

I.Tverskaya reported that the task was set to gasify 36 settlements, 77 thousand households. The analysis of the structure of the housing stock for each locality of all municipalities, the capacity of existing and prospective household, agricultural, industrial and other consumers was carried out. The prospective need for gas in industry, agriculture, enterprises of the public utilities sector has been determined. According to preliminary calculations, the total annual gas consumption in the region will be 629,4 million cubic meters per year, including the need for motor transport - 7,67 million cubic meters per year.

He also added that first of all, municipal energy facilities, including the Magadanskaya CHPP, will be transferred to gas. This will allow to refuse the importation of expensive fuel oil and coal from other regions.
Experts consider the priority direction of gas supply development in the region to be the exploration and development of regional natural gas reserves, and the formation of the oil and gas industry on its basis. For the period before the development of the regional hydrocarbon resource base, the implementation of the gas supply project of the region due to imported liquefied natural gas is being considered.