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The property of the bankrupt subcontractor of the Vostochny cosmodrome is going to be leased to pay off wage arrears - EastRussia | Far East






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The property of the bankrupt subcontractor of the Vostochny cosmodrome is going to be leased for repayment of debts on wages

The property of the company "Pacific Bridge-Building Company" (TMK, being a subcontractor of the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome and the general contractor for the construction of a bridge across the Golden Horn Bay in Vladivostok) is planned to be leased for repayment of salary debts to employees of the enterprise

The property of the failed subcontractor of the cosmodrome
The press service of the Primorie administration reported that possible options for overcoming the difficult situation at ZAO TMK were discussed at a meeting with the participation of Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky, bankruptcy manager TMK Dmitry Lizunov and representatives of Sberbank.

According to D. Lizunov, since the enterprise has finished servicing the Golden Bridge in Vladivostok since 1 in January 2016, the current revenues from operational activities have ceased.

The bankruptcy trustee reported that he had previously appealed to Sberbank of Russia several times, in which a part of the property complex is pledged, with a request to allow the company to lease the property in order to earn income, Interfax reported.

"But Sberbank motivated its refusal by the desire to sell property from the auction. As the enterprise is not able to pay even the services of the security organization, this creates a threat, including property, being in pledge, "the message says.
During the meeting, an agreement was reached with Sberbank on leasing TMK property, which will allow the company to bear the cost of maintaining the property and pay its employees on debts.

The property complex of TMK is located in several regions of the Far East.

Earlier it was reported that the bankruptcy trustee offered for sale a property complex with a total value of 887,4 million rubles, located in Vladivostok and Ussuriysk. But trading at the moment did not take place.

It was reported that the Arbitration Court of the Primorsky Territory 19 August 2015 introduced a competitive production in the TMK, appointing the bankruptcy administrator D.Lizunov. According to the materials of the court, the accounts payable of TMK is 6,78 billion rubles, of which 90 million rubles are salary debts to 644 employees. Later D.Lizunov appealed to the police in connection with revealing signs of the company's deliberate bankruptcy.

On the fact of non-payment of wages to workers of TMK, a criminal case was instituted, the person involved in the proceedings was the company's CEO Igor Nesterenko. A criminal case on fraud is also being investigated in respect of him, he is arrested.

Victor Grebnev, who led the company from February 2006 of the year to September of 2014, is under investigation. Three cases were brought against him at once: about fraud, embezzlement and abuse of authority. The investigation believes that the actions of V. Grebnev and led to the plight of the construction company. He is charged with causing damage to the enterprise for a total of about 420 million rubles.
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