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China is building a new type of diesel-electric submarine - EastRussia | Far East






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China is building a new diesel-electric submarine

Chinese diesel-electric submarine (diesel-electric submarines) of a new type is being built at a shipyard in Wuhan (Hubei province) - Canvas Acne Defense, published in Hong Kong, reports.

Experts note that one of the unusual characteristics of the new Chinese diesel-electric submarines is the relatively high value of the angle between the cabin and the submarine hull, which makes it look like the German submarines of the 212 project. The main objective of this hull form is to increase the hydrodynamic properties of diesel-electric submarines during underwater and surface voyage, as well as to reduce the noise caused by water impacts on the submarine hull.

According to experts of the magazine, one of the most important aspects of the modernization of the submarine was the installation of new weapons. According to the publication, the People's Republic of China has developed a multipurpose missile for launching from submarines with a higher subsonic speed based on the Club-S Russian anti-ship missile (ASM). It is assumed that this Chinese weapons installed on the new diesel-electric submarines. Experts believe that they are equipped with Type-039B submarines, which the PRC is serially producing for a certain time.

Analysts "Canvas Action Defense" note that the new diesel-electric submarines, most likely, is a significantly upgraded version of the submarine of the project 039В (Type 039B), so they designated it as the project 039С. Over the past 10 years, PRC specialists in the navy have repeatedly published very detailed reviews of the advantages and disadvantages of the submarine cigar-shaped hull. In this regard, experts note that China probably made a decision to design a cigar-shaped, rather than a drop-like body of the new diesel-electric submarines. Also, the Chinese could set the X-shaped rudders depth.

DEPL "Type-039B" are equipped with air-independent power plants (VNEU). It is assumed that a similar type of VNEU is equipped with a submarine "Type-039S".

Experts of the Canvas Effect Defense believe that in the near future, the issue of replacing the production of the Type-039В with an upgraded version of the new submarine will become relevant. As an indirect argument, they point out that since 2012 there has been no information on the production of Type-039В diesel-electric submarines in the Wuhan or Shanghai shipyards.