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Dmitry Rogozin commissioned a comprehensive architectural plan for low-rise housing construction for Zvezda employees - EastRussia | Far East






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A complex architectural plan for low-rise housing for employees of the "Stars" commissioned to develop Dmitry Rogozin

The deputy architect Dmitry Rogozin commissioned the complex architectural plan for low-rise housing for the Shipbuilding Complex (SSC) Zvezda. He made such a decision following the results of the meeting on the progress of the construction of the SSK "Zvezda"

Comprehensive architectural plan for low-rise housing for employees
“I made a decision, following the example of the Vostochny cosmodrome, to build low-rise, comfortable for people housing according to a single project with a sharp reduction in costs. Under unified control, "- said Rogozin.

He explained that initially in the framework of the first phase of housing for employees of the shipbuilding complex it was planned to build three 25-FLOOR home- "candles" in total on 750 apartments; within the framework of the second stage there should have been an 1582 apartment, the third line - 720 apartments. Each queue had its own developer and its own project. Because of this, the costs were quite high, notes TASS.

“Unifying the project will reduce the cost,” says Rogozin. “There should be a comprehensive architectural plan that will allow comfortable housing to be implemented in medium and low-rise construction, taking into account all the requirements for social infrastructure - that is, to ensure the availability of schools, kindergartens, social and cultural and religious buildings.”

Earlier, the deputy chairman of the government, after numerous inspections of the newly built city of Tsiolkovsky, where it is planned to lodge workers of the Vostochny cosmodrome, decided that the multi-storey buildings that had already been laid would be completed. In the future, on his instructions, a new design solution will be developed in order to move to low-rise construction.